AHP Equine Media Awards (EMA)

Awarding Excellence in Equine Media Virtually in AHP’s 50th Year

Rewarding excellence in equine media in the year of the pandemic

Awards Video Presentation (35 minutes]

Awards Program 2020 [PDF]

Awards Press Release


Members of American Horse Publications planned to celebrate the association’s 50th anniversary in Lexington, Kentucky in 2020. A global pandemic cancelled the gathering. One of the most anticipated events held during the annual conference is the announcement of the Equine Media Award winners. This year, the traditional live award presentation followed the path of most events and is being released virtually on May 30th.

Promoting excellence in equine media has been part of AHP’s mission for 50 years. Held since 1975, the annual awards competition recognizes standards in journalistic integrity for informative and engaging content in a variety of media categories. Showcasing excellence in equine media as well as providing guidance for improvement are the two key elements of this member program.

“We can be very proud of the caliber of communication that AHP media are producing for the equine industry,” says Chris Brune, AHP Executive Director. “The publishing world has changed a great deal since the birth of American Horse Publications in 1970. It is changing now with social distancing and endless virtual events. The equine media industry continues to offer multiple media options to provide equine enthusiasts with opportunities to learn, enjoy, and cherish their bond with the horse during this period.”

The 2020 Equine Media Awards competition for material published in 2019 was judged by 21 professionals and included 56 classes, 731 entries, and 111 contestants.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!

Why do members enter the contest?

Rewarding accomplishment - Nothing feels better than being recognized for your work. Whether you are publication staff, a freelancer, or a business, achieving excellence in your field is rewarding and demonstrates high journalistic and media standards. All finalists receive a plaque as a class winner or a certificate for second, third or honorable mention. Staff members and freelancers love receiving these awards as recognition of their achievement.

Constructive critique - Every entry receives a constructive critique from the judges. These comments can help members to improve their skills or be applauded for a work well done.

Promotion - Members spread the news of their honors by publishing their achievements and awards to the equine world.

Resume builder - Freelancers add their awards to their resumes to build their reputation in the equine media world.

Past Awards Contests

View video of the 2019 AHP Equine Media Awards Presentations. [30 mins.]


Past awards results are available in PDF format 2002 to 2019.



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