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American Horse Publications (AHP) has united equine-related publishing media, businesses, media professionals, colleges, and students for over 50 years. The professional membership association promotes excellence in equine media and encourages relationships and communication within the horse industry through education and networking.


American Horse Publications (AHP) strives to be the primary source of education, resources and networking for the equine media community. We believe a proactive approach in an ever-evolving communications-driven world allows us the flexibility and opportunity to promote, support and reward excellence in equine media.

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Equine publications, media professionals, equine-related businesses and organizations, as well as colleges and students pursuing a career in equine media are welcomed to become an AHP member. To learn more about membership and benefits, click here.

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Editors and publishers of half a dozen publications were represented at an informal meeting in Lexington, Kentucky in 1970. They discussed a new idea advanced by Arnold Kirkpatrick, who at the time was editor of The Thoroughbred Record.

Kirkpatrick envisioned an organization of horse publications, an idea that raised eyebrows in some circles and fists in others. Horse groups didn’t see eye‑to‑eye on many matters in those days and any thought of Quarter Horses, of Harness and Thoroughbred types getting together was considered by many to be a bit radical. read more


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