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On episode 16 of Adulting with Horses, “Barn Style Hacks with Redingote Equestrian”, Natalie and Heather are joined by our title sponsors and co-hosts for the day, Connie DeMaio and Allison Malenfant of Redingote Equestrian and FITS Riding to talk about our individual barn styles, how to go from the street to the barn, and favorite barn to street hacks!

Per our usual style, we don’t do interviews! Instead, our friends come on to chat with us about equestrian fashion, something that scares Natalie to the bones. Discussing whether we dress for the barn (or the street because Heather likes to be different), embarrassing stories of appearing in public smelling like a horse and how to avoid those situations, and much more. Listen now for a laugh.


 This pop culture podcast is for adult equestrians who like to pretend they have other interests besides horses and enjoy a good laugh. Join co-hosts and authors Heather Wallace and Natalie Keller Reinert as they have a great time talking about all things popular in the horse world. Let’s get a little weird!

If you’re looking for relatable, fun, and off-the-beaten-path discussions about living the horsey life, you’ve come to the right place! Whether we’re talking about beating the heat in the saddle, our craziest trail riding adventures, or the latest horsey headlines, you’ll find we’re not afraid to hold back and we always tell it like it is!

Join us every other week for a new, fun podcast episode filled with laughter and our opinions on the equestrian world.

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About Us
Heather Wallace is short, sassy, and bold on the ground, but not in the saddle! She is on a personal journey as a returning adult equestrian to follow her passion despite struggling with anxiety, trying to balance motherhood and build a small business. Of course, she can’t do it alone! She has Ferrous, her confidence-building pony and Delight, her heart horse, and an off-track Thoroughbred who challenges her in every way. Heather lives in New Jersey with her husband, three daughters, three rescue dogs, and her horses (of course!). Visit to learn more.

Natalie Keller Reinert is the award-winning author of over twenty books exploring love, human nature, and the passions which make us tick. With an extensive equestrian background, many of her books are set in the world of horses and horse-people. Drawing on her professional experience working with Thoroughbred racehorses, mounted patrol horses, therapeutic riding, three-day eventing, and many other equine pursuits, Natalie brings her love of equestrian life into each of her titles. Natalie lives in north Florida with her family, including a white-blazed mustang named Ben. Visit to learn more and download a free ebook.

About Redingote Equestrian
REDINGOTE Equestrian has introduced new and innovative pieces to the equestrian performance apparel space. Their fashionable and feminine pieces are all about function, comfort, and easy outfitting because everything can be mixed and matched! From their iconic coveralls to their riding apparel and newly released separates, Redingote is the all inclusive apparel brand for equestriennes of all sizes and disciplines no matter the season, no matter the weather. Learn more at

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