Brain Injury Awareness Month – Back on Track® Expands Helmet Safety Initiatives

Trauma Void™ Helmets by Back on Track® are considered some of the safest helmets on the planet for use in equestrian sports. Safety and properly fitted helmets has been at the forefront of Back on Tracks efforts to be a global leader in this initiative since Back on Track® first introduced the MIPS® (Multi-directional Impact Protective Safety) system which has now been adopted by all reputable helmet manufacturers.

“We are proud to have helped lay the foundation for improved helmet safety and continue to be a leader and advocate of improved helmet safety testing standards. Our position as a leader in the equestrian space has evolved over time and we are honored that the Back on Track® Trauma Void™ EQ3,  Lynx and Pardus helmets are considered Best in Test or Good Choice by two gold standard testing organizations, Europe’s Folkam, and the US’s Virginia Tech Testing Lab” says James Ruder, CEO & Managing Director of Back on Track here in the US.

March being recognized by the CDC and the Brain Injury Association of America as Brain Injury Awareness Month, the focus in equestrian sports then leads to a discussion about helmet fit and safety and the search for the perfect riding helmet.  But what does ‘search for a perfect riding helmet really mean?  “It means different things to different people, especially people of color, and others that have had difficulty in finding a helmet that not only protects them in case of a fall, but a helmet that accommodates various hairstyles that foundationally is as important to one’s culture as is the fit and safety of a helmet.” Ruder goes on to say.  “There should not be a tradeoff here. It should not be one or the other but rather ‘what is the solution to serve all of us that love the equestrian sports and one should not feel compromised when selecting a properly fitted helmet.”

To this end, Back on Track, a word-wide leader in developing proprietary health and wellness technologies for people, pets and horses including Welltex®, Iontex™, Haematex™, and Cool on Track™ is putting out a notice to invite women and men of color and other aspiring equestrians who are frustrated with helmet fit and lack of choices, to go to Helmet Fit for All – Back on Track USA.  The information we gather from this initiative will help us better understand helmet limitations, introduce our current line to those that have yet to experience the various shapes and sizes we offer with the ultimate goal of improving helmet safety and fit for all as we work on bringing the next generation of helmets to market.

About Back on Track
Back on Track creates therapeutic products that help horses, dogs, and people achieve a more active and comfortable life. Back on Track’s proven therapeutic Welltex® technology combines modern textile technology and traditional Chinese medicine. Back on Track’s joint and muscle support products are all made of functional textiles with reflective properties, braces are FDA medically-exempt and its Trauma Void line of riding helmets are leaders in safety and comfort. To learn more about Back on Track please visit our website:


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