HorseGrooms Launches HorseGrooms Community Platform to Connect Grooms Around the World

Creating a true community where grooms can support and cheer each other on: that has always been one of the missions of HorseGrooms. HorseGrooms achieved that by recently launching its online HorseGrooms Community platform where grooms can connect with other grooms as well as event organizations, equine businesses, and equine specialists–in their area and around the world.

Expanding on the tenets of HorseGrooms, a website dedicated to inspiring comradery and horsemanship in the profession, HorseGrooms Community grants exclusive access to educational resources, networking opportunities, and event details.

“HorseGrooms was always meant to be more than an online place to get top-of-the-industry resources,” said HorseGrooms founder Dinette Neuteboom. “Our vision has always been to build a true community where grooms can support and cheer each other on.”

By signing up for free, individuals will immediately find resources for honing their craft as a groom as well as be a part of a space where they can share their personal grooming tips, celebrate victories, and support others.

“It’s been amazing to see the conversations that are starting within the HorseGrooms Community already. Grooms, show organizers and equine professionals are sharing their stories, asking each other questions, and offering their experience,” Neuteboom said. “And to think that this is only the beginning.”

Most importantly, the HorseGrooms Community hopes to inspire just that – community – so that every individual can make the most of the industry we all love.

“Grooming is such a rewarding job, but unfortunately, you hear all too often of burnout, bad employers, and bad working conditions,” Emma Ford, eventing groom and co-author and founder of World Class Grooming LLC. “This platform will help bring the joy of working with horses back into many lives.”

“While we have so much more planned for the HorseGrooms Community – from courses to live events – it truly starts with each member,” Neuteboom said. “We are stronger and better together, and the best way to make the most of the HorseGrooms Community is by simply being an active part of it.”

Grooms–and anyone who values horsemanship–can join this exciting new platform and sign up for free at HorseGrooms is just beginning to fill its community, and more resources and courses will become available as it continues to grow. Be a part of the budding comradery that will celebrate your successes and help you overcome the hitches that come from the tumultuous and wonderful life with horses.

HorseGrooms is a platform of resources, education & support for grooms by grooms. Love for the horse is the foundation, sharing knowledge and keeping horsemanship alive are the goals. Go to for more information and for details on how to join the community.

Contact Dinette Neuteboom at and +1 (561) 246 9068


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