Altano Group Acquires Moore Equine, Expanding its Equine Veterinary Network in North America

In a strategic move that marks a significant expansion of its North American presence, Altano Group proudly announces the acquisition of Moore Equine, one of the largest and most reputable equine clinics in Canada. This acquisition is a testament to Altano’s commitment to becoming the leading equine clinic group in North America by providing future generations with the systems and training to carry the legacy of these established practices well into the future.

The Altano Group is a network of veterinary clinics and practices across a global network, each managed by a veterinarian and supported by a team of members providing support in finance, HR and overall operations. The group emphasizes autonomy in its clinics while ensuring knowledge transfer through regular Country Day Meetings. These meetings contribute to an International-focused meeting, promoting cross-country exchanges. Specialists from various clinics form task forces to delve into specialty topics, sharing insights at the Altano Academy – the central hub of the group’s knowledge and innovation efforts.

Moore Equine’s reputation as a top-tier clinic with exceptional veterinarians and modern equipment makes them an ideal partner for Altano. Their commitment to high-quality medicine and education aligns perfectly with Altano’s vision. Moore Equine’s robust education program – which includes training six interns annually – provides incredible value to the veterinary community. Partnering with Altano, Moore Equine now has access to a world-class educational and support program for their staff and young veterinarians. This will help ensure the next generation is ready to continue the Moore Equine legacy. These benefits will also play a role in attracting new talent to the practice.

Altano Group is looking forward to creating a strengthening partnership that will create more growth opportunities for Moore Equine. Dr. Chris Berezowski, owner-veterinarian at Moore Equine, looks forward to a broader range of medical knowledge and cases saying, “This partnership will connect us to a global network of top-tier equine veterinary professionals. This worldwide expertise will help us continue to provide excellent patient care and service to our clients, wherever their equestrian goals take them.” Both organizations share a commitment to creating the best care possible for the horse. A shared ethos of prioritizing employees and putting the horse first strengthens the alignment between Altano and Moore Equine.

Altano will provide consulting services and relieve the staff of administrative burdens such as insurance, IT, tax services, and financial reporting.

Altano Group is looking forward with excitement to the future for their North American partners. Dr. Victor Baltus, Chief Executive Officer at Altano, expresses pride in welcoming Moore Equine as the first major addition in Canada, stating, “Altano is motivated to have found a great partner in Canada to continue our global journey to shape the future of equine medicine.”

Altano’s acquisition of Moore Equine is a landmark event, underscoring the company’s dedication to excellence in equine veterinary medicine and its commitment to a strong global presence in the industry. With shared values, a focus on education and quality care, and a vision for the future, Altano and Moore Equine are set to make significant strides in advancing veterinary care for horses in North America and beyond.

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The Altano Group, inspired by the success story of a racehorse named Altano, stands as a pioneer in modern and sustainable veterinary medicine. Emphasizing the importance of every animal, Altano commits to providing the best possible treatment and care. Their vision and mission encompass delivering top-notch animal welfare, being an employer of choice, and setting new standards in the veterinary field. They focus on experience, appreciation, and innovation, with a strong network of clinics and practices across multiple countries, promoting autonomy, specialist knowledge, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Altano also features a robust internal academy for knowledge sharing and development. To learn more about Altano, visit

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