AHP Student Award

2019 AHP Student Award Winner

2019 AHP Student Award Winner, Lucile Vigouroux and Runner-Up, Ruby Tevis, with Student Award Reception Sponsors, Kaitlyn Fritz, Equitana USA and Kelcie Griffith, SmartPak. Photo credit: Diana De Rosa

American Horse Publications congratulates Lucile Vigouroux as the 2019 AHP Student Award Winner.

“My experience being an AHP member and attending the conference has been fabulous. During the conference, I learned the art of pitching, which was foreign to me, yet so important for a freelancer in the making. I gained some helpful insight about the legal aspect of writing professionally, as well as some honest, real talk about the reality of being a writer in the equine industry.

Lucile Vigouroux became the 2019 AHP Student Award Winner on May 31, 2019 during the AHP Equine Media Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Vigouroux is a May 2019 graduate of Centenary University earning her B.S. in Equine Studies with a concentration in Equine Science. Her career goal to dedicate her professional life to helping horses and educating their caretakers is multifactorial. She wants to teach equine courses at the collegiate level while working as an equine veterinary technician and freelancing for equine publications such as The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health and EQUUS.



Do you have a passion for horses and a career in equine media?

American Horse Publications has been rounding up students with a career goal that combines their passion for horses and media for over 25 years. The success of this continued effort is a long list of talented young people who have become assets to the equine media industry.

The AHP Student Award recognizes the talents of students by awarding up to three $1,000 travel awards to attend the AHP Annual Equine Media Conference. Travel Award winners have an opportunity to meet leading equine media professionals and discuss career possibilities during the three days of educational sessions and related networking activities. One Travel Award winner will be selected at the conference as the AHP Student Award winner and receive a cash award of $1,000. Applications and guidelines for the 2020 AHP Student Award will be available by October 1.

AHP offers other opportunities for students including Student membership available to high school, college, and graduate students for annual dues of $25, and the AHP Internship Program, which offers college students an opportunity to intern at equine publishing media or businesses and gain valuable hands-on work experience.

American Horse Publications offers students interested in a career in equine publishing with several opportunities to participate in its association. To request information about any of AHP’s student programs, please contact: Judy Lincoln, American Horse Publications, (386) 760-7743, e-mail: ahorsepubs2@aol.com.

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