Experience Magazine’s Latest Publication, Arabian Horses Of The Southeast, Employs The Beauty Of The Breed & Its Devotees To Encourage Newcomers

For anyone enamored with horses and curious about what it takes to be part of such a lifestyle, Experience magazine aims to entice and educate newcomers to its sole focus … the Arabian horse, through the help of Arabian horse farms and its community, in a visually stunning pictorial that keeps the reader turning pages.

Brought to you by the industry-leading publication, Arabian Horse Times, dedicated to promoting and marketing the Arabian breed, as well as serving its community for over 50 years, this stand-alone quarterly magazine is the brainchild of publisher Lara Ames and advertising specialist Jenn Trickey. They know the benefits of having Arabian horses in your life and continually strive to come up with ways for them to be secure and prevalent in today’s world. And Experience Arabian Horses, dedicated to encouraging a growing involvement from the outside world, does just that.

Using Equine Media Award-winning designers, their exceptional and sought-after talent are in overdrive here, as they enhance the versatility of this highly revered breed in an eye-popping presentation. With only the highest quality print paper used, this almost book-like coffee table and newcomer-friendly guide on the Arabian horse includes a brief history of where the Arabian horse originated and how its beauty and athletic abilities spread across the world; shares stories of how an emotional bond with an Arabian horse can offer those suffering from cancer and their families a welcome respite; provides a tutorial on choosing the right lesson program; takes you on a guided tour of what one can find at a top-notch equestrian center; and is populated with stories and photos chosen to piqué the interest of non-horse people, proving there is infinite paths to having a rewarding adventure with an Arabian horse.

Inside this 100-page publication is the location of nearly two dozen Arabian horse farms in the southeast part of the United States to begin your journey. Be it through lessons, camp, an open house/event, or just visiting the farm, all are excited to welcome you and help you discover what one can expect when you add the Arabian horse to your life and join its community.

Of the 10,000 copies printed and distributed specifically throughout the SE region, this issue reached the hands of 7,500 new people, introducing them to the Arabian horse, 5,000 of which were mailed to homes within a 30-mile radius of each farm who participated in the issue.

To learn more about how you can become involved in this movement, to get an issue produced in your area, or to get issues of this edition or past issues for free (we only ask for cost of shipping) to share in your community, visit www.experiencearabianhorses.com for more information.

EXPERIENCE ARABIAN HORSES is a journey where we ALL come together to share the Arabian’s gift for making lives better, with people beyond our existing community.

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