NO Games – NO Food – NO Devices Required!

I was raised riding Dressage from the age of 6, but after 2 concussions in one summer I realized my horse didn’t like me at all as I watched her trot off down the street to visit the neighboring horses.  I longed for an “authentic deep connection” with my horse, the kind of relationship I dreamed of as a child, but instead my heart was broken in the realization I had zero relationship with my horse…..  While on my knees on the asphalt swirling from the fall, I recognized in that moment that I needed to change; so began my ongoing equine journey that changed my horse’s life and mine in ways I never imagined!

During my recovery, I began the pursuit of understanding how horses communicate with one another and how as a human I could connect in a relationship beyond my humanity.  I had to retrain myself in equine behavior, and herd communication which led me down a deeper path into holistic horse keeping and prey animal psychology.  I sought out behavior science experts, poured over books and articles, watched video after video of all sorts of trainers from traditional crank and spank em types to natural horsemanship and everyone in between.  As I began applying herd language to my mare in a gentle compassionate way, I was stunned by the transformation she made right before my eyes.  The mare who was indifferent towards me, could care less if I fell off and probably was hoping I would, now looked at me in recognition as her herd leader burying her head in my chest sighing in relief as if to say “I’ve been waiting for you to wake up”.

My dream of a deeply connected relationship with my horse began to take shape as I developed methods and techniques that have now become my Training the WHOLE Horse® program.  Based on the foundation of DO NO HARM, my Training the WHOLE Horse® techniques are all about creating a SAFER Horse and SAFER Ride while developing Deeper TRUST and AUTHENTIC Communication between you and your horse all WITHOUT using FEAR, FOOD, FORCE or DEVICES!!   The Horse I had ALWAYS Dreamed of was in my own backyard the whole time!!

The techniques are so simple and easy to learn and can be applied to every type of horse – ANYONE can do this – YOU can DO This TOO!!  By applying my simple techniques every time before you ride you will Discover the Horse You’ve ALWAYS Dreamed of – I sure did!!

You can learn these simple techniques by becoming a Training the WHOLE Horse® TEAM Member for ONLY $1.99/mo!  Why so cheap?  One word “ACCESSIBILITY”!  I want every horse lover to have access to these life changing techniques and you can cancel your subscription any time, for any reason, no questions asked.

When we as humans set aside our expectations of performance and don the behavior of a compassionate herd leader, suddenly the horse steps into a trusting awareness where the invisible tether intertwines between human and horse, turning troubled horses into willing companions quickly and easily.

NO Games – NO Food – NO Devices Required!!  AUTHENTICITY at its BEST

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Missy Wryn is an internationally recognized Holistic Natural Horse Trainer and member of the Association of Professional Humane Educators (  Missy pioneered Training the Whole Horse® methods on the foundation of DO NO HARM.  She is founder of HorseMAREship™, producer of DO NO HARM Productions, and creator of the Holistic Training Halter | Bridle.  For more information visit Missy Wryn’s website at or call toll free 888.406.7689.

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