Ethically-Made Equestrian Apparel Brand Launches Featuring Diverse Models

USEF, Troxel, and Weaver Leather support minority-owned equestrian clothing brand that features models of color, hearing-impaired, tattooed, and plus-sized equestrians

It is no secret that the equestrian sport struggles with diversity. “USEF, Troxel, and Weaver Leather stepped up in a major way by supporting my equestrian clothing line featuring diverse models,” said Shelly Watts, founder and vice president of product development at Muirneen Equestrian. When Shelly started riding again after a twenty-year hiatus, she noticed that equestrian clothing had grown up but not in the areas of diversity and inclusion. “I had a difficult time finding equestrian clothing that showcased the beautiful diversity in the equestrian sport and was ethically made,” commented Watts.

Muirneen’s website asks thought-provoking questions. Are your breeches durable and ethically made in the United States? Are the seamstresses sewing your breeches making a living wage? Shelly made the financially difficult but important decision to make her apparel in the United States and support local seamstresses. Muirneen’s Better Than Breeches™ are hand-sewn by a woman- and Asian-owned small business in Texas and the seamstresses make a living wage for their families.

Watts also started Muirneen Equestrian to represent riders that look like her and her Asian-American daughter. “When opening a riding magazine or shopping for equestrian clothing, I would only see one type of rider with the same exact figure. The riders I admire at the barn are brand-new riders, re-riders, children with disabilities, plus-sized riders, riders donning full sleeves of tattoos, and racially diverse equestrians. These types of riders are underrepresented in magazines and equestrian clothing lines.” The company is named after her off-the-track Thoroughbred mare Muirneen by Dynaformer.

About Muirneen Equestrian
Muirneen is a woman-owned, minority-owned, and veteran-owned equestrian clothing brand based in Metro Detroit. Equipping riders of every skill level with beautiful, ethically-made apparel. Better Than Breeches™ are hand-sewn by a woman- and minority-owned small business in Texas and the seamstresses make a living wage for their families. Muirneen Equestrian launched in October 2021. To learn more, visit

CONTACT: Shelly Watts Muirneen Equestrian 586-371-2023