AHP Newsgroup Policies and Guidelines

A press release service for AHP members only

Distribution via the AHP Newsgroup is a Members-Only benefit. On approval, submissions are sent from the AHP administrative office to the current list of AHP member e-mail addresses. Member releases are also listed and archived on the AHP website (www.americanhorsepubs.org).

Media Industry and Media Professional Members are limited to two press releases per month; Affiliate Business and Nonprofit Members are limited to three press releases per month. There is no rollover if unused.

Submissions must contain content directly about an AHP member. An AHP member is defined by the name the current membership is listed.

Submissions must include information that would be of interest to the general membership. Solicitations are not allowed including crowdfunding other than for charitable organizations granted 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service. Messages should not include statements that may harm the reputation or relationship of a fellow AHP member. The Newsgroup should be an outlet for actual news, and not a forum for opinion or debate.

Although it is a strict violation of AHP policy to harm the reputation or relationship of another member of the organization, members posting press releases advocating a particular position or policy are under no obligation to provide balanced information about both sides of a controversial issue. The content of such a press release may be in dispute, misleading, or unverified. Therefore, content of releases advocating a particular position or policy will be reviewed and may be returned to the sender for editing or edited by AHP staff to conform with AHP policies. Links to websites that violate AHP policies are not allowed and may be deleted. Such links should be reported to the Executive Director.

Submissions should be sent to staff. Release should be attached as Word file. Attached files, such as PDFs, logos, and images, will not be used unless the member has purchased a photo package separately. Messages may contain links. Releases may mention that images are available on request. Press releases must include contact information. Please limit font color to black with one color for links only. If the release does not conform to these guidelines, the member will be asked to resubmit in the correct format or the release will be revised to an acceptable format for distribution. In either case, there could be a delay in distribution.

AHP has not verified the factual statements in any message and AHP assumes no responsibility for the contents of, or any damage resulting from, any communication in the Newsgroup. Publication in the Newsgroup is not an endorsement by the organization of any product, person, or policy. Complaints or concerns about the content of AHP Newsgroup postings should be directed to the originating individual or organization and not to AHP. Complaints of copyright or trademark infringement may be addressed to the Executive Director.

The Executive Director shall, with or without consultation with the Board, determine whether a submission satisfies the guidelines for publication in the Newsgroup. Determination of suitability or lack thereof by the Executive Director shall be final. A rejected submission will count against a member’s monthly quota. If the release is revised for submission and approved, the published release may count against the monthly quota. If a member elects to disjoin the association due to a rejected posting, membership dues will not be prorated or refunded.

Members may unsubscribe to the AHP Newsgroup at any time by contacting staff. By doing this you will remove your name from receiving all future messages sent to the AHP-LIST until you contact us to re-subscribe.

Revised July 2024