Take the Worry Out of Winter Riding!

There are many Water-Free Arena Surface Solutions for cold temperatures.

If you have a fiber and geotextile additive or even plain sand, once the temperatures get too cold to irrigate effectively, a popular solution to prevent freezing and dust, is to use Magnesium Chloride known as MAG FLAKES. The ratio of application can vary with humidity occurring naturally in your indoor arena, but a generous application helps to facilitate the drawing of moisture from the air and ground and into the sand surface. Moisture retention helps stabilize loose or dusty footing and can exacerbate the bind of fiber and geotextile materials to the sand, which increases stability, reduces sheer, and improves air quality. Once MAG is placed down on arena surface, the applied irrigation should cease. That one drawback to using MAG and watering over it is it can seep into your base and cause heaving in extreme temperature variations. Some equestrians feel it dries out horse’s hooves. This can be remedied with a hosing and oiling of the hooves. Same with your riding boots. It has a low corrosive impact and is less toxic than calcium chloride and much less corrosive than rock salt, so be sure to buy the right compound.

Polymer, and oil based, as well as wax coated sands have become popular and can be a workable solution for facilities that have limited irrigation capabilities. We now have partnered with the only organic water free footing that has passed prop sixty-five water environmental bill in California! It has a moisturizing agent that has proven to stand the test of time, both inside and outside. There are many qualities and long lasting synthetic dustless footings & freeze resistant blends available. Some products include plain hot wax coated, viscoelastic polymer coated sands, amorphous sands with organic polymers, & polymer and wax blend coatings. Coated footings do not typically require added moisture so the cost which can be significant between $4-$10 dollars a square foot can be justifiable given the benefit of reducing the water bill. There are many new and innovative products on the market. As with any big decision regarding your ideal arena surface, consult arena professionals regarding several different options and request testimony from existing clientele before making such an investment.

With frost nipping at your nose, be sure to winterize your barn and arena maintenance equipment. Now is the time:

  • To check the teeth and tines and bearings on your groomer & oil the necessary parts.
  • Empty water lines to the irrigation systems and winterize any still operating pipes & valves.
  • Evaluate your arena surface and compare to your ideal. Schedule a laser grade to maintain an even surface and prevent damage to your base or dangers to horses and students. You need a refresh of some dead sand and a small ratio of a fiber and geotextile blend for replacement footing.
  • Check gutter and downspouts to prevent damage to roofs and arena walls.
  • Keep an eye on snow load throughout the winter.
  • Have a Safe, Happy, & Healthy Holiday Season and New Year!

For more information on arena solutions, maintenance of synthetic surfaces, winterizing, and water-free options, please call Barb DiPalma, National Retail Account Manager at GGT-Footing™ at 864-804-8664.

For more than 25 years Polysols has been producing innovative products for the market of riding arena construction. All our products are virgin material. We repurpose remnant virgin material to make various textile blends. With our focus on developing the best combination of includes synthetic chopped nonwoven material, and combining it with a high-quality Silica Sand, GGT-Footing™ has elevated equestrian footing used throughout different disciplines and different levels of performance.

We offer consultation, arena installation, water free footing, arena conditioners

​No matter what your discipline is or skill level, our expertise and guidance will assist you in developing a world-class riding arena that protects you and your horse.


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