Horses and Humans Research Foundation (HHRF) Invites You to Attend A Free Webinar in March

Clippity Clop: The Rhythms and Relationships of Riding and Healing Trauma with Susanne Haseman

Horses and Humans Research Foundation invites you to participate in a free webinar on March 23, 2022 at 7:00pm (EST).

Join Susanne Haseman for a presentation that will focus on the wedding of trauma processing methods with the rhythms and relationships riding that can help a client do that difficult work. We’ll consider the value of relationship with the equine in establishing the sense of safety necessary for trauma processing, the benefits of the bilateral rhythmic movement of riding, and ways to give the equine an active partnership role in the work. It will cover preparation needed for both professionals and the equine, and the nuts and bolts of how professionals trained in those methodologies can incorporate mounted work when providing those services.

Susanne has a MEd in Counseling from the University of Washington, a BA in History and a BS in Computer Science and will share her expertise and vast experience. She helped launch the High Horses Therapeutic Riding Program (VT) in 1992 and has worked in the field of Equine Assisted Services as a therapeutic riding instructor, equine specialist, Grey Rider and psychotherapist. She is an instructor with PATH International’s Equine Specialist in Mental Health Learning certification and developed Post University’s online Animal Assisted Therapy course. Susanne inspires many to continue to expand their knowledge- please join the HHRF webinar to learn from her about EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) on horseback- an incredible modality for trauma recovery.

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