The EQUUS Television Network Is On The Lookout for Quality Video Content

THE EQUUS Television Network is on a mission to include every breed and discipline on its channel. If you have quality videos that can educate, inspire, and entertain our viewers, then we want to hear from you.

While EQUUS is not looking to showcase ads or promotional copy, it is giving those with horse focused content an opportunity to distribute and discover new audiences for their presentations on EQUUS Television. The horse world is filled with people who love horses in general or are fans of specific breeds or disciplines. So, here’s a new way to increase the number of people who view your presentations, who share your passion and love for horses, and to add new viewers and equestrian advocates into the mix.

It’s simple, if you have movies, educational programs, or shows that target specific breeds or disciplines, reach out to us. We have what you need; a horse loving audience that is hungry for what you have to offer.

Not only will your presentation(s) be featured and promoted on this global channel, but each program EQUUS features on our Worldwide Television and Web platform will be linked back to you via our interactive engagement technology, driving more relevant traffic to your company or organization. Once your video presentations are published on EQUUS, we provide you with your own link to share on your social media pages, or to send out to your database of followers.

This is what the EQUUS Television Network is looking for:

  • High quality video that is visually crisp and clean.
  • Audio that is clear and concise.
  • Content that is between 15 and 90 minutes long.
  • Shows that educate. inspire, entertain, and captivate our viewers so they keep coming back for more.
  • A partnership opportunity with your organization where we cross-promote
  • Content that shows a true passion for the horse.
  • In addition to education and content driven copy we welcome movies, demonstrations, music videos and more. There is no limit to what type of video we will consider as long as it involves the horse.

If you are craving to watch anything to do with horses, tune into 24 hours a day to see what is airing now. You can also pick and choose from the free on demand content to target what type of programming you want to watch.

For more information, email Worldwide Equestrian Correspondent Diana De Rosa at or call 516-848-4867. Together let’s show the EQTVN global audience what the horse world has to offer. Together we can visually showcase the horses of the world all in one location.

The EQUUS Television Network is a Global Equestrian Lifestyle Television Network. It is available for FREE on your favorite SmartTV Platforms, including Amazon Fire, Roku, Samsung, LG and Apple TV. You can find it in equestrian destination hotels across America and streaming online at

Contact: Diana De Rosa,, 516-848-4867
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