Horizon Structures Series Presents: Time and Stress Management ~ The Benefits of Mayhem Free Modular Barn & Kennel Builds

There are many triggers of stress. Poor diet and lack of sleep and/or exercise, unrealistic expectations, and poor time-management are key issues that pop up in stress inducing bad habits. Physical, mental/emotional symptoms from high blood pressure and weakened immune systems to depression and panic attacks are all too common in today’s fast-paced competitive world.

Stress is partly self-inflicted. Many folks are unaware that they can manage their stress levels by following a few simple practices in daily life and addressing their bad habits.

Let’s talk about expectations. It is common that the goals we set ourselves are unrealistic.

Here are some examples that may sound familiar: we would love to ride at advanced levels of equestrian sport and be short-listed for the Olympics, but don’t have the courage to admit the idea of spending life on the road rather than at home is not a lifestyle we could really embrace and in reality neither do we have the mental focus or talent to achieve it; we may fancy ourselves a “Property Brothers” entrepreneur but know the idea of ripping down walls and rebuilding them is hard graft we don’t really want to do ourselves, even lugging grain sacks and hay is getting old; engaging in the task of erecting our own 4-stall barn behind the house, carrying sheaths of plywood up ladders to the roof and swinging hammers or nail guns may be more pioneer spirit than we can muster.

The idea that we all manage our time to the best of our abilities is another fallacy. Weirdly, when you think about it, the demands that are placed on our time are largely self-advocated. We don’t have to sign our kids up for every after-school sport offered and ferry them back and forth. Neither do we have to take on social outings we would prefer not to attend. Learning to say “No,” can free up much time in our 24-hour days.

Well, you get the idea. Sometimes we add stress to our lives because we want to impress others. We do not gift ourselves the time and energy we deserve. Perhaps we don’t live enough in the present or truly follow our own values. We are always on the run and headed out the barn door at a full gallop.

When it comes to making the dream of owning a horse barn or buying the perfect canine comfort kennel for a dog business a reality, the way forward to completing such a purchase can seem a minefield of anxiety ridden choices and worries over failure to make the right decisions or attain the best quality product.

Money or rather the lack of it, is high on the list of stress triggers.

Do you live on a limited budget or have so much money it’s hard to keep track of it all? Do you find yourself stressed when project costs or timelines aren’t ‘nailed down’ and contracts seem open-ended?

As American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist

Warren Buffet famously said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”

Financial stress is a common problem in societies with the ‘have stuff and get more stuff’ mentality. For horse lovers the idea of making a capital purchase in a horse barn, probably comes second only to buying a home or property or perhaps a truck/car. For dog breeders, trainers and rescues, the advent of an easy clean commercial kennel would answer more than their dreams. It would save them valuable time doing cleaning chores that could be devoted elsewhere.

There is little thought among horse and dog owners that it is possible to simply write a check, then sit back and wait for a brand-new horse barn to magically appear in the backyard and be set up and ready for use in a matter of just a day or two. A barn that meets their specifications as to style, size, color, and design.

For some people the invasion of their privacy and space together with more demands on their time and energy all combine to worry them into putting off the new barn or kennel purchase until another day. These concerns are not unfounded.

Naturally, you’d rather be riding your horse in peace and quiet, focusing on your time training together and enjoying each other’s company than supervising a building site worrying over ever nail dropped or piece of plastic wrap flapping in the wind? Who wants to spend their time monitoring horses alarmed by the noise of construction or babysitting boarders whose horses are unsettled by the shouting of crew members day in day out for weeks or even months on end?

Maybe you’re not even home during the day and worry over what you’ll find on your return home from work. No-one wants to arrive home after a tiring day to discover pallets of building material deliveries blocking the garage or giant mud rut designs all over the lawns from truck tires and heavy equipment.

Being mindful of things you can control and seeking the right help to execute tasks can significantly alleviate stress.

The bona-fide benefits of a mayhem free modular barn or kennel build save much aggravation and frustration and time/money and an increasing percentage of new structures are built using this concept for good reason. Buyers are reaping the benefits of making educated decisions with no guesswork or hidden surprises in either the ultimate design of the structure or its final price.

Taking advantage of technology and making a barn selection utilizing 3D virtual tours that allow you to spec out the barn in the color and design and make changes on the screen is an invaluable aid to help alleviate worries of decision making. It is also much more cost effective to make changes this way rather than on site later, when a ‘change work order’ adds more dollars to the final bill.

When you make a smart selection in the collaborative partner you choose to build your structure, the help of an experienced professional that is well-versed in your needs and wants and can also suggest cost saving features and help you manage your budget, you won’t regret it.

There truly is nothing better than a ‘picture this’ experience to help you make the best decision on the actual feel and functionality of a building than walking through it before it is built.

Wherever you find your inspiration to build the barn you’ve always wanted or complete a canine care facility that is first class, remember that when you make the entire purchasing process as straightforward as possible you are reducing unwanted and unnecessary stress upon you and those you love. Whether they are the two- or four-legged variety.

The more you know, the less risk you are taking.

In today’s world with virtual tours, sharing of completed building projects in showcases and a great customer service team at a highly respected company you don’t have to compromise or navigate the unknown just hoping it’ll all turn out okay.

Put technological advantages to work for you to reduce stress and manage your time better. Sit back and relax. Yes, you can actually buy your barn or kennel from the comfort of your couch.

As Confucius is quoted as saying,

” Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

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