Creatives Join Forces to Support the Colorado Horse Community

The horse community at large comprises a tightly knit group with a shared lifestyle. Though smaller in scale, regional equine communities amplify that passion, interest, and dedication to a whole new level. Karen Pickering recognizes the valuable opportunity to serve these micro-audiences as the publisher and owner of The Northwest Horse Source and the new The Colorado Horse Source memberships and publications.

Pickering began her publishing career in 1995 with the Northwest Horse Source, serving the horse community in that part of the country. Since relocating to Colorado in 2021, she’s now replicated that model to create The Colorado Horse Source.

“I have always loved working with a community to help build stronger relationships with horses and humans,” Pickering shared. “Strategic partnerships are key to a business’ survival, and I have truly been blessed in my career with talented individuals who share my passion. I owe a great deal to my community in the Northwest, and they will always have a big piece of my heart. A new adventure was in order, and I’m now excited to share my passion with the Colorado equine community. I am honored to deliver quality editorial for and about the heart of Colorado horse lovers and owners. I look forward to this new adventure!”

For her new endeavor, Pickering required editorial support from someone deeply invested in the Colorado horse community. Through the AHP network and the Colorado horse community, she found Jennifer Paulson, a creative content strategist with a strong editorial background and who is also a lifelong Colorado horsewoman.

“The Colorado horse community is one of the reasons I am where I am today—both professionally and in my horse life,” shared Paulson, newly named Editorial Director of The Colorado Horse Source. “I look forward to identifying ways to support and build this community and ensure that it has a bright future by contributing to Karen’s efforts with The Colorado Horse Source. Editorial direction and membership modeling played large parts in my role as Western Editorial Director for the Equine Network, and I’m excited to apply my key learnings on this brand as well as develop new ideas for content and service to our audience.”

Learn more about both brands at and Membership is just $5 a month or $60 a year for full access to each publication and the many members-only benefits.

Karen Pickering, Publisher Northwest Horse Source and Colorado Horse Source
Jennifer Paulson, Creative Content Strategist