Catie Staszak is the Freelance Remuda Podcast’s Latest Guest Interview

The Freelance Remuda recently launched the next episode in its multi-year running podcast, titled Episode 39: Talking with Catie Staszak. Staszak is an announcer, color commentator and writer; and she joined co-hosts Abigail Boatwright and Kate Bradley Byars to discuss her career and boutique media agency.

The Freelance Remuda Podcast is produced for freelance professionals looking to navigate the equine media frontier. In the episode, which launched April 26 on both and through iTunes, Staszak shares her career path and discusses how she promotes the equine industry through marketing and PR.

Staszak started her media company in 2018, and has had unique experiences doing live broadcasting, including jumping and dressage Nation’s Cups and Kentucky Derby coverage. Here’s a glimpse of why it is so important for Staszak to be on point while broadcasting.

“When you have a television broadcast, you’re reaching an entirely new audience, a lot of people will tune in that aren’t experts, or maybe aren’t familiar with the sport,” says Staszak in the episode. “It’s really about educating equestrians of all kinds. And there’s a really fine line between breaking down and analyzing around that is both entertaining to educated veterans of the sport, as well as those new fans.”

This is the second of six planned episodes in 2022, as The Freelance Remuda ramps up content for subscribers in response to the increase in interest by writers, photographers and other media members on the freelance side of the industry. An episode of the Freelance Remuda featuring graphic artist Avery Shifflett is a finalist in the Freelance Podcast category at the upcoming American Horse Publications Equine Media Awards.

“Our podcast hits a unique niche of listeners—but equine media professionals like us love to learn new ways to improve at our craft,” Boatwright said. “We hope The Freelance Remuda is a valuable tool for our colleagues in this space.”

An archive of podcasts provides a great resource for those wanting to understand how to navigate through the horse industry with ease and professional grace. Those looking to make a splash and gain regular work within the industry also have a chance to mentor under Boatwright and Byars through the Freelance Remuda Mentorship Program, which offers three levels of immersive learning. The mentorship has assisted several individuals who are now regular contributors to magazines like Horse Illustrated, Horse & Rider, Western Horseman, Reined Cow Horse News and the American Paint Horse Journal.

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