Barbara Ellin Fox from The Riding Instructor is a Guest on Horsemanship Radio

On April 25, Barbara was happy to be a guest of Monty Roberts’ daughter and host of Horsemanship Radio, Debbie Loucks. They discussed starting beginners in horsemanship, Barbara’s wild horse Reno’s Legacy, second careers for retired racehorses, and Barbara’s second career as an author.

Please listen to the show here, or go to your favorite podcast site, search for Horsemanship Radio episode 206. Horsemanship Radio is part of the Horse Radio Network.

Barbara said, “Debbie was fun to visit with. She put me right at ease. It was like talking with an old friend over coffee. We had lots in common with a love of wild horses, thoroughbreds, and horsemanship.”

A Blog Post

Following the podcast up with a blog post, Barbara wrote An Interview on Horsemanship Radio & Rehabbing Horses for where she discusses the differences and similarities between rehabbing wild horses and OTTBs.

Barbara Ellin Fox says, “Unless a wild horse has been shipped from stable to stable and trainer to trainer, they normally only have baggage from the limited handling they receive from the BLM in containment, and their minds are full of wild instincts. The OTTB comes with a lot of baggage from handling at every stage of his brief life, and his mind is full of noise. Neither animal has any reason to trust humans.”

Comments From Readers:
Emily: I consistently return to this blog because I always take something great away from it–and you’ve done it again!

Stacy: I appreciate you creating this article, it’s always a delight to delve into the horsemanship world, through your writing.

Barbara Ellin Fox is the past director of the Fox School of Horsemanship and a past Regional Supervisor for the United States Pony Clubs. She retired to write after fifty years of instructing and training in multiple disciplines.

Each month, thousands of readers visit Barbara’s website, where she shares ideas and encouragement for instructors. Her author website at gives a deeper look into Barbara’s life. Besides writing nonfiction about riding and teaching, Barbara has won multiple pre-published fiction awards.

Barbara is on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram as Barbara Ellin Fox and Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram as The Riding Instructor. She’d love to hear from you.

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