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Via Nova was thrilled to sponsor the American Horse Publications (AHP) Annual Equine Media Conference in Lexington. We wholeheartedly agree with AHP Executive Director Chris Brune’s conference theme: Inspiration. From being a part of the educational opportunities to interacting with media from near and far, we were inspired. We were also grateful to present at AHP’s Back to the Bluegrass Conference and share our vision, mission, and values through our brochure, bookmarks, Saddle Up & Read’s Coloring book, and videos.

We truly admire the power of the media to tell and share stories of inspiration and seek to find ways to share more stories. We aim to inspire not only through Via Nova’s Priority to Positive® approach and our recently released ‘Story of Positivity’ on Jenny and Lance, but also through Caitlin Gooch’s heartfelt message and story on increasing literacy in children through connecting books and horses with Saddle Up and Read.

Via Nova is Hiring!

Via Nova is looking for inspirational, professional, innovative riders to join our team. We’re expanding our Student Trainer program and seek to hire two more riders to learn and share our vision of introducing positive reinforcement (R+) training methods into the traditional horse world through our unique approach, Priority to Positive® (PtP). PtP aims to avoid the collision of the two worlds, positive reinforcement and traditional training, by developing positive reinforcement training approaches which can be practically used in traditional disciplines.

The ideal candidate is an experienced equestrian who is pursuing or is looking to pursue a career in training or teaching. The position offers numerous benefits and opportunities for growth. We are teaching our graduates the principles of how to think like a positive reinforcement trainer so they can create Priority to Positive® solutions for horses and humans.

Who wants to be one of the pioneers in bringing this innovative way of thinking to the traditional equestrian world? To learn more or apply: Via Nova Training Job Opportunities

Saddle Up and Read Guest – Caitlin Gooch

We’d like to thank our special guest—Caitlin Gooch, Founder and Executive Director of Saddle Up and Read, and the author of the Black Equestrian Coloring Book—for joining us virtually at AHP. Saddle Up and Read encourages youth literacy, especially in children of color, through Caitlin’s passion for horses and books. Caitlin’s also an advocate for helmet equity and safety as well as responsible horsemanship. If you’d like to learn how you can support and partner with Saddle Up and Read, please visit and watch Caitlin’s message to AHP attendees.

More About Via Nova Training

We find positive reinforcement to be a powerful tool for horses and humans alike, and seek to ignite that positive light within the traditional equestrian world. We created and continue to develop the Priority to Positive® approach, which integrates traditional training with behavior science and positive reinforcement. We strive to develop the positive principles and tools to give traditional equestrians the means to improve performance, fix behavior problems, and create more heart in their horse(s).

We invite you to stay connected with us on our Priority to Positive® journey: Visit our website Sign up for our e-newsletter. Follow us on: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Media Contact:
Annie Callender, Program Manager

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