Are You Missing Out On Social Media?

By Ashton Kirkeide, Chief Listener, Black Horse Marketing

Do you have a love/hate relationship with social media?

“Lack of time, don’t know where to start, can’t be consistent.”

These are just a few reasons my clients didn’t use social media for their businesses.

This includes the account you started five years ago and posted on three times!

I’m sure you already know why you should use social media for marketing your business.

4.26 BILLION people used social media last year!

But did you know content marketing fuels your business and saves you time?

This brings us to the 6th benefit of content marketing –

It fuels your social media engagement

 When potential customers visit your site and find it helpful or entertaining, they become an advocate for your brand. Brand advocates can be transformative to your marketing.

Brand advocates love you. They follow you on social media and engage with your business. They will share with their online friends and recommend your company. This super powerful word-of-mouth marketing amplifies your reach!

But, these brand advocates cannot exist without great content. They can’t share your content or help build your followers if they can’t start the connection.

So, if you’ve been procrastinating on the social media front, this is your sign to write that post, film that video, and get started!

Stay tuned for more tips on marketing your equine business. 

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