Back on Track® is Stronger than Ever!


Back on Track®, a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of therapeutic textile products for people, pets, and horses since 2000, wants to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT.   Since the summer of 2021, under new US leadership, Back on Track has been diligently reestablishing its market presence, building stock balances of its brand leading products, introducing new products including the Sienna Mesh Cooler, Brianna Turnout Sheet, and a full line of Airflow Saddle Pads and leg protection products to name just a few. So yes, Back on Track is BACK IN BUSINESS says James Ruder, CEO and Managing Director of Back on Track USA.

“Since the summer of 2021, we have completely rebuilt Back on Track here in the states.  The only two constants that remain is that Back on Track product quality is unequaled at the highest level by any standard of measurement, and Welltex®, Back on Track’s proprietary technology continues to deliver the therapeutic outcomes expected,” Mr. Ruder goes on to say.

“Our US team is laser focused on rebuilding strong vendor partnerships.  Besides delivering reliable customer service, ensuring adequate stock balances to meet demand, and offering new marketing initiatives and support, our singular objective is to rebuild lost trust one authorized reseller at a time,” says Renee Miller, Senior Sales Representative.

Considering the pandemic, international financial worries, and a change in US management, Back on Track in 2023 experienced one of its best years ever. Besides our unwavering commitment to our loyal reseller network, Back on Track is expanding its therapeutic product offering in both Pet and Sports Medicine.  Pet is a natural expansion of our strength in serving the equine market, while Back on Tracks line of support braces include back, knee, wrist, ankle, elbow, calf, and neck, each offering design and functionality characteristics unique only to the Back on Track brand.

So, when conversation emerges, and questions arise about Back on Track – the simple truth is Back on Track is Back in Business and is stronger and more committed than ever to serving the people, pets, and horses we love!

Back on Track creates therapeutic products that help people, pets, and horses achieve a more active and comfortable lifestyle. Back on Track’s proven therapeutic technologies include Welltex®, Iontex™, Coppertex, Haematex™, and Cool on Track® all created by combining modern textile technology and traditional Chinese medicine to create unprecedented health and wellness results, often referred to as “The Back on Track Effect.” Back on Track’s joint and muscle support products and braces are FDA cleared, while Trauma Void, Back on Track’s line of riding helmets are global leaders in safety and comfort. To learn more about Back on Track and our ever-expanding line of therapy and safety products, please ask your favorite retailer or visit us at