Boss Mares, Inc. Opens Grant Application

On January 19, Boss Mares, Inc. opened applications for the charitable organization’s business and education grants. The grants will fund the dreams of cowgirl entrepreneurs and allow them to call in personalized support where they need it most, providing a targeted leg up in key areas that impact professional success.

“There are areas where small businesses struggle with obtaining professional assistance, such as accounting and finance support, continuing education, leadership and career coaching, legal counsel and marketing expertise,” said Ellen Bell, member of the Board of Directors. “The application will call for applicants to share details about how a grant will support their vision.”

Donors support of the mission was received early on, and especially when Boss Mares, Inc. was officially designated as a charitable 501(c)(3) in fall of 2023. While many seek to aid others in the Western industry, charitable status provides tax benefits for supporters of Boss Mares, Inc. . Charitable donations will further the Boss Mares, Inc. goal of providing workshops and grants to female business owners and entrepreneurs in the Western industry.

Applications are open through end of March, and then will be reviewed by a selection committee. Committee members will carefully evaluate each application in order to make funding recommendations to the Board of Directors. Applicants are encouraged to take their time and provide as much detail as possible when completing their application. Grants will be awarded beginning in June 2024.

Then, the real work will begin for those seeking funds as they enact their vision with added support from Boss Mares, Inc. Already, small business owners and those dreaming to open their own company are utilizing Boss Mares, Inc. as a resource, and that was clear to see at the Lead the Herd Workshop held during at Art of the Cowgirl January 19 through 20.

“The workshop clearly met our goal of bringing the information to Western women where they are already gathering,” said Kate Bradley Byars, co-founder. “The five speakers brought powerful expertise to motivate, educate and support them in targeted areas that impact professional success. It was wonderful to see the attendees taking notes, asking questions and embracing the information provided.”

Co-founded by Anna Morrison, PhD, Patti Colbert and Kate Bradley Byars early in 2023, Boss Mares, Inc., a 501(c)(3), is offering two entrepreneur empowerment “Lead the Herd” workshops and awarding business and education grants in 2024. For more information on Boss Mares, Inc., including how you can support or apply for a grant, visit

Boss Mares, Inc.