Boss Mares, Inc. to Launch Inaugural “Lead the Herd” Workshop at 2024 Art of the Cowgirl Event

In an unprecedented leg up for cowgirl entrepreneurs, Boss Mares, Inc. will launch the inaugural “Lead the Herd” two-day workshop celebrating the women who create Western lifestyle businesses and engage in entrepreneurial opportunities at the 2024 Art of the Cowgirl in Queen Creek, Arizona. The non-profits partner to provide a positive atmosphere for women to learn, connect, mentor, support and create a path to follow their business dreams.

Launched early in 2023, Boss Mares, Inc. set the goal of offering two entrepreneur empowerment “Lead the Herd” workshops and awarding 25 business and education grants in 2024. The January event kicks off both goals. The workshop will meet Western women where they are already gathering then bring in powerful expertise to motivate, educate and support them in targeted areas that impact professional success.

“Art of the Cowgirl brings together horsemen and women to compete, learn and share ideas. It fosters camaraderie, the type of setting that should host our first Lead the Herd workshop where registrants can access to business experts to aid in bolstering their Western businesses,” said Patti Colbert, Boss Mares, Inc. co-founder. “We cannot wait to share ideas, information and support with attendees.”

While a full schedule and ticket information is coming in August, those interested in the Lead the Herd workshop can bank on two lunch and learn sessions led by powerhouse women that will motivate registrants to follow their own dreams in the Western industry. There will be breakout sessions where attendees   can set up for success through legal and accounting services or understand better ways to market their services or goods to a larger audience.

“We are excited to be able to offer Boss Mares’ workshop in our lineup of workshop offerings at our January event,” said Jaimie Stoltzfus, Art of the Cowgirl fellowship and sponsorship director. “It is a great addition to offer business and leadership education as well as another great avenue to connect with other women in the industry.”

Co-founded by Anna Morrison, PhD, Patti Colbert and Kate Bradley Byars, all owners of businesses, Boss Mares, Inc. will support female business owners and entrepreneurs by providing access to resources in five key areas: accounting and finance support, continuing education, leadership and career coaching, legal counsel and marketing expertise. The leadership role in a herd of horses is held by a mare, known as the “boss mare.” What better partnership to launch Lead the Herd Workshops than at an event full of boss mares, like Art of the Cowgirl?

For more information on Boss Mares, Inc., visit; information on tickets, registration and more on Art of the Cowgirl can be found at

Boss Mares, Inc.