Dorothy Brooke: A Hero Worth Celebrating

Join Brooke USA in Paying Homage to this Extraordinary Woman

War heroes on the front lines are those who are often most recognized, yet those in the background are often overlooked, but make significant contributions to victory — Dorothy Brooke, the founder of the Brooke family of charities, including Brooke USA Foundation (Brooke USA), is a hero worth celebrating. Brooke USA pays homage to Dorothy on what would have been her 140th birthday on June 1 with a full month of appreciations and recognition.

Upon moving to Cairo, Egypt, after WWI, Dorothy was inspired to rescue abandoned warhorses that were suffering from intolerably inhumane conditions. Fueled by her love of animals, she took it upon herself to help improve the lives of equine veterans that had been sold into hard labor after the end of  the war. Mounting a campaign in 1931, she dedicated her life to working behind the scenes to save the lives and improve the living conditions of thousands of equines by providing free veterinary care.

During the entire month of June, Brooke USA celebrates Dorothy Brooke’s legacy by sharing her passion for working equines through anecdotes, photos, and articles about her life. In addition, the organization encourages others to pay homage to this extraordinary woman, who against all odds, founded the world’s largest international equine welfare charity that, for close to 90 years, has continued to provide care for working horses, donkeys, and mules.

These are some ideas to celebrate Dorothy while helping Brooke USA achieve its mission of significantly improving the health, welfare and productivity of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people who depend on them for survival worldwide.

  • Help Paint America Orange by  creating a fundraising program or any type of event throughout June. Love dinner parties? 5k runs? Bake sales? Sport competitions? Give passion a purpose by turning it into a fundraiser in honor of Dorothy Brooke.  Visit for suggestions on how organize your thoughts and plan your fundraising idea.
  • Donate to Brooke USA’s current fundraising campaign helping working equines and their owners in Ethiopia where crisis always looms large. A deadly combination of prolonged droughts, political conflict and rising food prices means that many equine owners can no longer afford to feed their working horses, donkeys, and mules. Visit and learn more about how to help those suffering in Ethiopia.
  • Write a quote, take a photo, or film a video thanking Dorothy for her unselfish contributions to animal welfare. You can also wish her a Happy Birthday by baking a cake, blowing out some candles, or even singing her happy birthday. You can send your birthday wishes to
  • Share Brooke USA’s June social media posts on Facebook (BrookeUSAonline), Instagram (Brooke_USA), and LinkedIn (Brooke USA) with friends, avid equestrians, and horse lovers. Be sure to tags #BrookeUSA and #WorkingEquines. Raising awareness for Brooke USA’s mission is a great way to honor Dorothy.
  • Tell a young woman you know about Dorothy and her many achievements. She is an example to all, especially as she founded Brooke during a time when women were relegated to caring for their home and many housekeeping-related jobs.
  • Visit Brooke USA’s website at to learn more about the work of the organization which contributes over $500,000 a year to help working equines in vulnerable communities all over the world. Programs funded train owners and communities on optimal husbandry and care.
  • Purchase her autobiography, Dorothy Brooke and the Fight to Save Cairo’s Lost War Horses, by Grant Hayer-Menzies with the foreword by Brooke Global Ambassador Monty Roberts. Visit Amazon at to place an order.

“Dorothy Brooke is truly an inspiration to us all; proof that one person can set-out to change the world and can make huge strides toward accomplishing that goal,” said Emily Dulin, CEO of Brooke USA. “She made ever-lasting contributions towards creating a better world and has set high very high standards for all of us who are passionate about horses and other equines,” she added.

About Brooke USA Foundation (Brooke USA): The mission of Brooke USA is to significantly improve the health, welfare and productivity of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people who depend on them for survival worldwide. We are committed to sustainable economic development by reducing poverty, increasing food security, ensuring access to water, providing a means to education, and raising basic standards of living through improved equine health and welfare. We accomplish this by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the areas of greatest need.

Brooke USA strives to alleviate the suffering and vulnerability of developing communities by funding and implementing programs that improve the quality of life and health of working equines and thereby positively impacting their economic sustainability, protecting the planet, ensuring gender equality, and guaranteeing life on land resilience. We want to see healthy, happy people and equines that work in partnership to achieve sustainable local economies.

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