Equine Documentary The 24 Behaviors of the Ridden Horse in Pain: Shifting the Paradigm of How We See Lameness is Now Available on EQUUS Television Network

The 24 Behaviors of the Ridden Horse in Pain: Shifting the Paradigm of How We See Lameness is now available through the EQUUS Television Network, subscription-free on all major SmartTV Platforms around the world, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Samsung LG, the all-new EQUUS mobile app for Android and iOS, and streaming LIVE at www.equustelevision.net.

The 35-minutes documentary is based on the research of Dr. Sue Dyson, a world-renowned expert in equine orthopedics. Her development of the groundbreaking “Ridden Horse Pain Ethogram” (RHpE) has proven that “bad” horse behavior is often an early indication that the horse is in pain.

The 24 Behaviors of the Ridden Horse in Pain: Shifting the Paradigm of How We See Lameness was produced by U.S.-based Padma Video in partnership with Dr. Dyson and the nonprofit Train With Trust Project.

The film dares to challenge the way we look at horses’ behavior and promotes a shift in the conventional belief that lameness starts with a head bob. The film teaches horse lovers how to look for early signs of pain while taking viewers on an emotional ride through the eyes of a young girl who loves her horse and will stop at nothing to help the mare be comfortable.

“We are beyond thrilled that through EQUUS TV’s platforms, the 24 Behaviors film is now available to equine enthusiasts worldwide to watch at home in their living rooms via Smart TV Platforms,” said Kathryn Lauritzen, director. “EQUUS TV is doing things right. Their philosophy on delivering quality programming to an equestrian audience via Smart TV platforms, mobile apps, as well as on the internet, is the best way to build the largest potential audience.” Lauritzen added, “The 24 Behaviors film was created to advance equine welfare, and through EQUUS TV its message will be reaching the most viewers and having the biggest impact possible.”

Watch The 24 Behaviors of the Ridden Horse in Pain; Shifting the Paradigm of How We See Lameness on EQUUS TV:


More information on the 24 Behaviors is available on the website:  24HorseBehaviors.org

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 Interviews can be arranged with Dr. Sue Dyson, Jody Ambrose, and Megan Phillips on request

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About Sue Dyson: Dr. Sue Dyson specializes in equine orthopedics, with a focus on lameness and poor performance in sports horses. She lectures internationally and is known both for her clinical work and extensive research having published over 370 peer-reviewed papers on lameness and diagnostic imaging in scientific journals. She also co-authored several veterinary textbooks, as well as trained and competed at national level in both eventing and show jumping.

 About Padma Video: Padma Video creates educational, marketing and documentary films specializing in the human-animal bond. Padma Video seeks to illuminate the strong, beautiful and complicated relationship between humans and animals. We humbly serve with an open mind; asking the question during all phases of video production… how can we make the world better for them?    www.PadmaVideo.com

 About The Train with Trust Project: The Train with Trust Project is a nonprofit organization making behavior education accessible and promoting the use of evidence-based training and best management practices. Their purpose is to help people build trust-based relationships with animals in order to strengthen the human-animal bond.


About EQUUS Television Network:  EQUUS Television Network is the premier television destination for horse enthusiasts, with programming that covers everything from Equestrian Sports to horse health, horse welfare training and more. With expert hosts and in-depth coverage, EQUUS Television Network offers an up-close look at the world of horses like never before.  www.equustelevision.net

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