Equiwinner Celebrates 20 Years of Balancing Electrolytes in Horses

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Known by horsemen and women worldwide as the go-to treatment for electrolyte imbalance-related issues in horses, Equiwinner is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Created in 2002 by Warren Ward of EquusFirst Ltd, an etiologist (one who specializes in the origins/causes of disease) based in the United Kingdom, Equiwinner patches are the result of his research focused on the effect electrolytes have on a horse’s biologic systems and functions.

Since then, Ward’s invention has had a positive impact on the health and performance of tens of thousands of horses around the world, helping them overcome performance-limiting and sometimes life-threatening ailments such as exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH), anhidrosis (non-sweating), tying-up, headshaking, dehydration and more.

“Equiwinner patches have been a part of my program for years,” said multiple grades stakes-winning Thoroughbred trainer Kathleen O’Connell, who has used Equiwinner since 2007 and recently became North America’s all-time leading female Thoroughbred trainer. “I have found them to be extremely beneficial for horses that have issues with tying-up and anhidrosis.”

Over the years, Equiwinner has become a trusted resource for horsemen and women across a multitude of disciplines, including barrel racing, endurance racing, three-day eventing, show jumping, dressage, harness racing, calf roping and more. As its popularity has grown, so too are the benefits users are seeing in their horses.

WPRA World Champion Barrel Racer Mary Burger, who has used Equiwinner Patches for years on horses to prevent EIPH and tying-up in her barrel horses, recently found a new benefit after using the patches on a young colt of hers who was particularly bothered by flies.

“He was one on those horses that waited at the gate to be rescued to get away from the flies,” said Burger of the buckskin colt. “Since putting the Equiwinner patches on him, there are very few flies on him and he’s very comfortable. His coat color is beautiful and not faded. All of the benefits that have come from using the Equiwinner patches are just awesome.”

Electrolytes are essential for nerve and muscle control throughout the body. If the body is not processing electrolytes effectively, it can lead to reduced functionality or critical system failures. To operate efficiently, all the necessary electrolytes must be available in the right proportions throughout the body.

“I have used Equiwinner patches for a variety of reasons for over a decade,” said Noel Daley, Standardbred trainer of Dan Patch Award and Breeders Crown Winners.  “Whether it be for tying up or just to reset horses who just seemed to not be performing at their peak or not acting one hundred percent, I have found using Equiwinner for a week a couple times a year seems to get horses back on the right track.”

One Equiwinner treatment includes 10 non-transdermal adhesive patches containing natural balanced electrolytes that are changed daily for 10 days. Rather than transferring electrolytes into a horse’s body, the horse’s body simply recognizes the electrolytes in the patches and responds to them, allowing them to work properly. A single treatment can be effective for months and even up to a year and will never test positive in any racing or equestrian jurisdiction.

Ward first began manufacturing and distributing Equiwinner in 2002 from his base of operations in the United Kingdom and they soon garnered an international following. In 2007, Barbara Socha began distributing Equiwinner in North America under the banner of Signal-Health.

“We are grateful to the horse owners and trainers who were some of the first to try Equiwinner when the product first was introduced to the market,” said Socha. “I think it speaks volumes that many of those first customers are still loyal Equiwinner users today.”

To learn more about Equiwinner or to try them on your own horse, go to signal-health.com. Equiwinner can also be purchased at retailers throughout North America, including Big Dee’s, FarmVet, and many local tack shops.

About Equiwinner
Equiwinner is a patented all-natural patch that balances the electrolytes in a horse’s body. By restoring the balance and proper utilization of electrolytes in a horse’s system, Equiwinner patches have proven to successfully reduce and/or fully resolve bleeding (EIPH), non-sweating (anhidrosis), tying up, headshaking and other chronic equine ailments. To learn more, visit signal-health.com

For more information, contact:
Barbara Socha (bsocha@signal-health.com)

Photos available upon request.