EQUUS Television Network Is Heading to Ohio for Equine Affaire Then NYC for Team USA Media Summit

The EQUUS Television Network is on the road again, this time for two back-to-back events. The equine world’s premier destination for equestrian and equine-related content will first head to Columbus, Ohio from April 11 through the 14th for the 30th year celebration of Equine Affaire. From there they head straight to New York City’s Marriott Marquis Hotel where the Team USA Media Summit will be taking place, April 15 through the 17th, in preparation for this year’s Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It will be a week packed with a behind-the-scenes view of what is happening at both these events.

This is truly an exceptional year for Equine Affaire as it celebrates 30 years of devotion to the horse world. It’s also a special year for those who attend as it fulfills a lot of things that are probably on your wish list. With so many top trainers sharing their knowledge you can get a lot of your questions answered. Or maybe there have been some things you’ve wanted to add to your tack trunk and at this one huge trade show you’ll have the chance to search for those new additions. Yet, best of all this event is not just for the veteran horse person but for those of you who aspire to learn and be involved with horses.

“This is a great event for us to share with our viewers and EQUUS Television is proud to be an official Media Partner with EQUINE Affaire, clearly one of the largest and most prestigious equine expositions in the world,” said EQUUS Television CEO John Barlett.

And if learning is what you are looking for, EQUUS Television has already added three VIP virtual interviews you can watch before you arrive. So, take a moment to check out these three well-known clinicians who you will want to observe in person once you hear what they have to say. First on your list would be the well-known and loved international clinician, Pat Parelli, owner of Parelli Natural Horsemanship as he chats with EQUUS TV Worldwide Correspondent, Diana De Rosa: https://equustelevision.com/watch/3127. De Rosa also spoke with Chelsea Canedy of Unexpected Farm about her natural approach to horses: https://equustelevision.com/watch/3058. Mark Bolender, who is the president of the International Mountain Trail Challenge Association, will also be at this year’s Equine Affaire: https://equustelevision.com/watch/3163. Here is the perfect chance for you to learn about Mountain Trail riding, a unique sport that is both for the new horse person or the veteran.

“I love doing interviews because even though I’ve been involved in the horse world for over 40 years I always learn something new each time I speak with these equestrian experts who are so willing to share their knowledge,” De Rosa commented.

While you should take the time to watch these three clinicians in action, don’t miss also watching many of the clinicians who we interviewed virtually and in person for past Equine Affaire events. These include Steve Lantvit, General Horsemanship and Training: https://equustelevision.com/watch/1809; Sam & Kellie Rettinger of Whispery Pines Percherons: https://equustelevision.com/watch/2224; and Jerry Paulsen, Equine Assisted Activities: https://equustelevision.com/watch/2241.

Once you watch and listen you’ll want to head to Columbus Ohio to learn, watch, wander and even savor some of the best fast food around. To watch anything on EQUUS TV about Equine Affaire go to equustelevision.net and put the words “Equine Affaire” in the search feature at the top of the page. There, in addition to the interviews, you’ll see a host of “On The Scene” video clips, photo essays and so much more.

While we don’t want you to forget to check out all that we will be sharing during this year’s Equine Affaire from behind-the-scenes, we’ll also be heading straight from Ohio to NYC for the Team USA Media Summit, hosted by the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC).

This will be the first time in seven years that it will be returning to an in-person event. While our focus will be the equestrian athletes and general information about this year’s Olympic Games, the summit will feature about 100 athletes representing the summer Olympic and Paralympic National Governing Bodies. Also in attendance will be USOPC leadership and more, giving those present an insider’s view about what to be prepared for.

While Paris is the central location, all the equestrian events will be taking place in the city of Versailles with show jumping and dressage showcasing in front of the Versailles Palace (Palais de Versailles). The Summit marks the 100-day countdown to the start of these Games and EQUUS TV will be there so you can share the experience with us.

“This will be my 10th Summer Olympic Games and I’m truly excited to give our audience an up close and personal experience,” De Rosa concluded.

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