GGT-FOOTING™ November Jumper Blend Sale

GGT-Footing™, announces their YEAR END JUMPER FOOTING SALE with discounts and FREE SHIPPING on a minimum of 6000 lbs of Green/Grey or Off-White Geotextiles in the same 30% fiber and 70% geotextile blend and with the same high-quality materials available at premium jumper blend pricing.

Limited supplies available! Call Barb now! 864-804-8664 or email

“We’re thrilled to announce the official launch of our year end sale on our high-quality off-color jumper blends. We are excited to provide our customers with this great equestrian footing solution for their arena and at discounted pricing and with a free shipping option just in time for the holidays. With winter approaching, we wanted to be able to offer our clients an affordable to solution for resurfacing, amendments, and project completions on our most popular blend.”

GGT-Footing Jumper Blend is a high quality fiber and geotextile footing additive that creates more cushion, surface stability, and rebound for your horses. GGT-Footing Jumper Blend retains water, increases the life of your sand, and is often DIY installed. GGT-Footing Jumper Blend is quite perfect for Dressage, and all-purpose arenas as well as for Hunters and Jumpers, in varying ratios, and is compatible with Mag Flakes for moisture in areas where climate may affect the capability to irrigate.

GGT-Footing Jumper mixes into new or existing sand and can be maintained with any fiber compatible arena groomer.

GGT-Footing Jumper Blend is an ideal product for adding stability, moisture retention & cushioning,” said Barb DiPalma, USA Retail Sales Manager based in the Spartanburg central office location. “Jumper Blend is our most popular footing & amends a wide variety of sometimes less than ideal sand. High Quality sand for arenas is always our first recommendation and we will help you to source and procure the right sand for best binding with GGT and for your perfect discipline surface, and or consult with you on the possibility of amending less than ideal sands.”

One great advantage of this YEAR END SALE is that with a *minimum of 6000 lbs pounds of Green Grey or Off-White Jumper, shipping anywhere in the USA is FREE, and so it’s a great time to add an arena groomer to your order to further reduce ship charges and add to your overall saving$. Please see all our groomer models at and we are happy to help find the right one for you!

GGT-Footing™ is the USA’s leading supplier of high-quality footing Amendments, Arena Groomers, Arena Base Mat Systems, and with over 25 yrs. experience in Arena Consultation and liaisons with Licensed and Experienced Arena Building Contractors, GGT-Footing™ is reliable and ready to correspond with you about your arena. Visit our website at WWW.GGTFOOTING.COM or call Barb at 864-804-8664 Email

Barbara DiPalma
National Retail Sales Manager