Horizon Structures Presents Series: Just One More Horse

by Nikki Alvin-Smith

If you are lucky enough to own a horse property there is a good probability that you have considered adding ‘just one more horse’ to your equine population. The likelihood of temporary overcrowding of horses on your property doesn’t intimidate most horse buyers from going right ahead and adding another mouth to feed.

Temptation to buy more horses abound! Placement of an emotional bid to take home a poorly fed rescue horse abandoned at the kill pen, a colleague offers an opportunity to buy their horse that is for sale that you know firsthand offers a good ride, or a ‘deal too good to miss,’ that pops up when you spend too much time browsing through social media platforms or even access to a so-called ‘free’ horse.

The additional mouth to feed and house may begin as a temporary notion, with the plan to sell off another member of the existing herd or be bought home as a horse in transition that will simply be trained up and moved on. Wherever the extra horseflesh comes from and for whatever the reason, one thing is almost certain – if there is an extra stall available on your property it is likely to be filled quickly.

If existing horse accommodation on the property is not a viable option for provision of shelter for the animal, then adding another structure to the property may be necessary. Overcrowded horse rescues, breeding barns with unsold youngstock and performance horses that are edged into retirement at home and need replacement on the competition roster are all common occurrences that cause horse folks to end up with too many horses and not enough stalls. What to do? Here are some budget barn building solutions to add extra stall space.

Renovate. Repurpose. Refit.

Begin by taking stock of all the existing structures on the property to identify any options to renovate or repurpose a building for horse stabling. Rehabbing a cow barn or garage structure may be viable but remember to carefully consider the real costs of the retrofitting necessary to safely stable a horse. For example, a low ceiling dairy barn with concrete stanchions is going to take a massive amount of time and money to renovate. There is likely a need to excavate dangerous concrete manure channels, mitigate the likely uphill grade of the stanchion floors and elevate the ceiling height for the horse’s comfort and safety.

The Humble Run-In Shed

A very popular choice for temporary shelter is the humble run-in shed. This structure can add sincere value to your property and addresses the need for shelter if there is sufficient space to facilitate an enclosure around the structure, either as a small paddock or dry lot.

Build A Barn Extension

Not surprisingly most barn building companies are reluctant to add an extension on to an existing barn, even if it is one they originally built. This is because in barn design each exterior side of the structure is constructed to shed water and moisture and very importantly, to add structural integrity to the building.

If a barn addition has not been devised in the project planning stages of the original build and then included in the ultimate construction, then cutting into roof lines and removing structural walls is likely not a budget friendly endeavor. A construction firm that does not want to start the process is likely to bid a high figure for the work.

A shedrow barn design offers the ultimate in adding stabling to a horse property.

The shedrow with an open-faced storage area can be quickly and inexpensively adapted to a fully operational stall with either Dutch doors or a sliding stall door.

Shedrow buildings are easy to add to, either at the end of the line, at an angle such as a boomerang or right angle, as a courtyard option, or simply faced opposite each other with an aisleway between.

Start Afresh

There are many advantages to adding a new modular barn rather than trying to butcher an existing building into compliance with new plans and ideas:

  • A separate building offers the possibility for quarantine for equine newcomers or horses that arrive home from competition season.
  • Modular barns provide an almost ‘instant’ stall space solution and smaller barns can be placed almost anywhere with the use of a special ‘mule’ machine.
  • The huge range of designs in prefabricated and modular builds provides the perfect solution to fit a variety of budgets and aesthetic desires as well as functionality preferences.
  • Expedited timelines for delivery are often possible by buying off the sales lot.
  • Discount deals on purchase prices as well as delivery costs are often available at major events where the manufacturer is showcasing their wares, such as The Equine Affaire or Horse World Expo.
  • Known ‘to the penny’ pricing of modular builds ensures compliance with budget.

Know Your Options

As with any purchase, garnering knowledge of your options for extra stall space replete with accurate pricing is key to making the best decision.

Carefully consider which company you choose to collaborate with on the project.

Choose one with an established and proven good reputation that offers a myriad of choices that is open and transparent about its products and clientele’s satisfaction with the buying and building experience.

The closest or cheapest construction option is often not the best choice in the long run.


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