Horse Photographer Co-Authors New Book on Equine & Equestrian Photography

Renowned equine photographers Cara Taylor Swift of Fast Horse Photography and Betsy Bird of Ride the Sky Equine Photography have joined forces to author an innovative book, Equine & Equestrian Photography Poses that Sell: The Ultimate Guide to Posing Horses & Humans. Now available on Amazon, this book offers a fresh approach to posing people with horses, addressing a gap in the industry. It serves as a comprehensive resource, providing essential tools and inspiration for equine and equestrian photography, promising to enhance portfolios and ensure creative success at every session.

Equine & Equestrian Photography Poses that Sell is designed to empower both aspiring and established horse photographers to create captivating images that resonate with clients. This book is also designed for photographers who may not specialize in equine photography but occasionally receive requests to photograph horses, such as during family sessions or high school senior portraits.

“Cara & Betsy are so thorough! They cover every detail of conducting an equine & equestrian photo session, building my confidence to be able to conduct my photo sessions with ease and without the anxiety of “what pose am I going to use next?” The Posing Pillars make it simple to remember pose ideas to create variety in each photoshoot, to keep the session flowing, and to end the session with a set of photos to present to my clients that will showcase their bond with their beloved horse or horses. This book is exactly what I needed to level up my portrait sessions!” -Marci Jo Photography

 “We are thrilled to release Equine & Equestrian Photography Poses that Sell to the photography community,” says Betsy Bird, co-author and award-winning equestrian photographer based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. “Our goal in writing this book was to share our knowledge and passion for equestrian photography, empowering photographers to create stunning images that captivate their clients.”

The book covers a wide range of topics. From safety considerations when working with horses and humans to posing techniques for single portraits, multiple horses, families, posing horses with other animals, and more. Readers will gain insights into how to create images that leave a lasting impression on their clients.

Cara Taylor Swift, co-author and acclaimed equine photographer based in St. Augustine, Florida, adds, “Through this collaboration, we’ve combined our expertise and insights to create a comprehensive resource that inspires photographers to push the boundaries of their creativity. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skills, Equine & Equestrian Photography Poses that Sell offers invaluable guidance for photographers at every level.”

As lifelong equestrians and passionate storytellers, Bird and Swift bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Equine & Equestrian Photography Poses that Sell. Their innate ability to connect with horses and their owners shines through in the pages of this book, offering readers a unique perspective and actionable insights into the art of equestrian photography.

Equine & Equestrian Photography Poses that Sell is now available for purchase on Amazon.

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Renowned for her equine portraiture expertise, Cara weaves captivating stories through equine-inspired wall art, leaving a lasting impression on her clients. As a multifaceted creative, Cara extends her influence beyond photography, co-hosting and producing notable podcasts like “Cowgirls with Cameras” and “The Business Animal.” Passionate about nurturing new talent, Cara co-leads photography workshops and offers personalized mentorship to aspiring photographers seeking to build successful businesses. For insights into Cara Taylor Swift and Fast Horse Photography, visit

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With a profound love for horses and storytelling, Betsy’s work has earned widespread acclaim for its authenticity and emotional depth. As a mentor and public speaker, Betsy shares her expertise in horse photography, branding, marketing, and productivity, inspiring audiences, and guiding aspiring talents on their path to success. She serves on the board of directors for both the Professional Photographers of East Tennessee and the Tennessee Professional Photographers Association, embodying a steadfast commitment to excellence and growth within the photography community. To learn more about Betsy Bird and Ride the Sky Equine Photography, visit

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