Horse & Rider Living Presents The First Global Environmental Equestrian Publication

The Future Has A Face And A Name…”

We are pleased to announce Horse & Rider Living ( has released the first known global environmental equine publication, taking a historic stand regarding climate change and the world environment.  Long riders have contributed first-hand reports from Germany, Chile, England, Canada, and France with eyewitness accounts of their own geographical changes in weather and circumstances.

HRL feels it is imperative that these reports are taken seriously, as future generations will be the recipients of a landscape foreign to their parents and grandparents, one of bleak reality and obstacles never before seen.

Horses and horse owners are already seeing the impact of droughts, floods, and the absence of forage and feedstuffs; increased heat, and how it’s affecting the physical well-being of equines.

Horse & Rider Living is dedicated to publicizing factual information and will continue to stand up for all horses and riders no matter their geographical location.

Barbara Godwin, Publisher
Horse & Rider Living