HorseGrooms Publishes Series About Healthy Finances and Healthy Eating

In collaboration with two industry experts,, the new community for grooms, has published two series about healthy finances and healthy eating. Because, even though there’s hardly any time to go grocery shopping and hardly any money to save for grooms, it is possible to eat healthy and to save some money. 

Getting Into a Healthy Eating Habit

Kimberly Maloomian is a registered dietitian and an avid amateur equestrian. Exclusively for the HorseGrooms community, she has written a few blogs about healthy eating with the always busy and traveling grooms in mind. “We all know that eating well, healthy, and regularly is not easy in the horse grooming business. But with some small and smart adjustments and preparations, getting into a healthy eating habit is easier than you might think,” said Maloomian, who loves to contribute to the new HorseGrooms platform.

Mentoring People to Be the Best Version of Themselves

“In my late teens and early twenties I was a groom, on the road, failing at keeping myself healthy. Much of the reason I became a dietitian was to learn how to properly care for myself, and it has evolved into a passion for helping others learn to do the same. I identify with all the grooms out there and while the industry and world are always evolving, one thing remains constant. What we put into our bodies leads to our success in everything we do, and mentoring people to be the best versions of themselves is the ultimate honor.”

Go to to read the first two blogs from the series.

The HorseGrooms Guide to Finance

Exclusively for HorseGrooms, financial powerhouse Emmy Sobieski wrote The HorseGrooms’ Guide to Finance with Emmy Sobieski, CFA. According to Sobieski, even people with a limited salary, like grooms, can take control of their finances. “I get the struggles grooms go through. I started as a groom and rider. My first job was grooming eight horses for Jeanette Sassoon in the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. As a side gig, I braided horses starting at 2am most days at horse shows so I could afford to compete in those same shows,” said Sobieski. Grooming and training paid Sobieski’s way to the 1986 North American Youth Championships, where she was part of California’s first gold medal winning team.

Empower Grooms

About her reason to contribute to HorseGrooms, Sobieski is clear: “I love this horse community, especially the parts that come together to celebrate the majesty and generosity of the spirit of horses. I want to provide a starting point for grooms to learn and empower themselves with financial knowledge, and map their perfect journey through life.”

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