IEA Enters into Formal Partnership with Green Is the New Blue To Support Green Initiatives in Equestrian Sport

The Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) recently entered into a multi-year formal partnership with environmental non-profit, Green Is the New Blue. As part of the agreement, both IEA and Green Is The New Blue will cross-promote the other organization as well as create specific green initiatives and events for IEA members.

Green Is the New Blue strives to reduce the environmental impacts of equine-related events and activities by educating the equine industry about best practices for sustainability and ecological safety, and provide the tools to make these changes easy and straight-forward to implement.

During the 2023 IEA Hunt Seat National Finals at Tryon International Equestrian Center in Tryon, NC, Green Is the New Blue will provide IEA competitors with a living jump as well as two living photo areas – one during the 2023 IEA Dressage National Finals at Tryon and the 2023 IEA Western National Finals in Fort Worth, TX.

The purpose of the “Living Jump” is to promote biodiversity and support species that enhance ecosystem resilience. Living Jumps are sourced native plants from local nurseries that include species that support pollinators and other insects, such as spiders to control fly populations. Living Jumps can be replanted for use the following years.

At the beginning of the 2022-2023 IEA Season, IEA partnered with Green Is the New Blue to kick-off #BringYourOwn Water Bottle Campaign for IEA members. Riders and Adults are encouraged to bring a re-usable water bottle to their horse shows, take a photo and post to social media using the #BringYourOwn hashtag and campaign message. This ongoing campaign has been gaining momentum as the season progresses with some shows even offering IEA water bottles as prizes.

The 14,000 members of the IEA represent both the future of our sport and our planet”, says Green Is the New Blue Founder, Stephanie Riggio Bulger. “These young riders have grown up with the urgency of Green Is the New Blue’s message at the forefront of their minds, which makes them the perfect ambassador for our #BringYourOwn campaign. If each of the IEA riders replaced a single-use plastic bottle every day for one week with a reusable one, that would amount to over 77,000 bottles of plastic- an entire dumpster load that would likely end up in a landfill. I am so proud to partner with the IEA, and thankful that they have wholeheartedly embraced our push towards reducing single-use plastic in the name of creating a more sustainable sport.

“We are excited to be an official Green Partner with our friends at Green Is the New Blue”, says IEA Executive Director, Roxane Durant. “It has been satisfying to see our riders, specifically our youth board leaders, take a special interest and commitment to improving sustainability and waste management at our own horse shows and encourage their peers to do the same.”

Stay tuned to IEA social media @rideiea for upcoming Green initiatives.

About the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA):
Now in its 21st year, the IEA has over 14,000 members across the United States participating in Hunt Seat, Western and Dressage disciplines. There is no need for a rider to own a horse because the IEA hosting team supplies a mount and tack to each equestrian for competitions. IEA’s mission is to promote lifelong involvement in equestrian athletics. IEA wishes to introduce students in grades 4-8 (Future) and 9-12 (Upper School) to equestrian sports and to develop understanding and appreciation of equestrian sports through organized competitions and educational opportunities. IEA further wishes to inspire and facilitate adults to continue their journey in equestrian athletics for a lifetime. For more information, visit

About Green Is the New Blue:
A 501c3 organization, Green Is the New Blue was founded in 2019 with the goal of developing a movement for a sustainable equestrian sport. Through our youth programs and partnerships, we provide engaging educational opportunities and inspire change at the grassroots level. The creativity and enthusiasm of young minds, combined with a passion for our planet, has proven to be an asset for the integrity and long-term sustainability of equestrian activities. For more information, visit

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