Inaugural “Lead The Herd” Workshop at 2024 Art of The Cowgirl Event Now Provided Free of Charge

Cowgirl entrepreneurs attending the inaugural “Lead the Herd” two-day workshop at the 2024 Art of the Cowgirl in Queen Creek, Arizona, will now receive business and marketing information at no cost due to generous underwriters. The workshops, held Friday, January 19, and Saturday, January 20, celebrate the women who create Western lifestyle businesses and engage in entrepreneurial opportunities to provide a positive atmosphere for women to learn, connect, mentor, support and create a path to follow their business dreams.

“Thanks to amazing support from underwriters Sassy Stanton and the Ellen English Family Partnership, and Kelsey Delaplaine Fulmer and the Delaplaine Family Foundation, we are now able to offer both days’ sessions at no cost,” said Anna Morrison, co-founder and president of Boss Mares, Inc. “Attendees on Friday and on Saturday will receive lunch as well as amazing insight into the business world. Additionally, we are offering all of the World’s Greatest Horsewoman competitors lunch at the event.”

Lead the Herd attendees will hear from Jody Brooks, owner of J.W. Brooks Custom Hats, as the keynote speaker on Friday. She is joined by Certified Public Accountant Emily Landry of Whitley Penn, and Kimes Ranch Digital Marketing Analyst Claire Trafton. Trafton is presenting a two-day session that will focus on exploring the essentials of a strategic marketing plan to help refine an approach to marketing and growing a business.

On Saturday, Jessie Jarvis, founder of Of The West, is the keynote speaker and she is followed by a session with Associate Attorney Lisa Jones of Dismuke & Water sand a second session with Trafton.

The heart of Art of the Cowgirl Founder Tammy Pate beats in the exhibitors, attendees and all participants. In that vein, Boss Mares, Inc. is making a $1,500 donation to the Art of the Cowgirl Fellowship program in honor of Pate.

“Tammy Pate was cowgirl innovation in a mighty package! She led the way as a true entrepreneur in the Western lifestyle,” said Patti Colbert, Boss Mares, Inc. co-founder and treasurer. “Tammy carved a path of creative enterprise that all cowgirls will benefit from and one we all want to continue to travel down.”

Seats for the Lead the Herd Workshop are available at Attendees must register as only 50 seats were available each day, and fewer now with this announcement as they are filled.

Launched early in 2023, Boss Mares, Inc., a 501(c)(3), is offering two entrepreneur empowerment “Lead the Herd” workshops and awarding business and education grants in 2024.Grant applications will open in January with the award date of June 2024, following a selection process that is detailed on

Co-founded by Anna Morrison, PhD, Patti Colbert and Kate Bradley Byars, all owners of businesses, Boss Mares, Inc. will support female business owners and entrepreneurs by providing access to resources in five key areas: accounting and finance support, continuing education, leadership and career coaching, legal counsel and marketing expertise. The leadership role in a herd of horses is held by a mare, known as the “boss mare.”

For more information on Boss Mares, Inc., visit; information on tickets, registration and more on Art of the Cowgirl can be found at

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