Jeff Foxworthy Meets James Herriot…and More!

Trafalgar Square Books (, the leading publisher of equestrian books, is thrilled to announce the release of four new books as we kick off the New Year!

Jeff Foxworthy meets James Herriot in the real-life adventures of a traveling horse doctor. In NEVER TRUST A SNEAKY PONY, you’ll climb into the truck alongside large animal vet Dr. Madison Seamans and race to the aid of horses with wounds, stomach aches, allergies, and bizarre behaviors, as well as those in severe physical distress. Quite by accident, you’ll find yourself familiar with and understanding common equine medical problems and how they are diagnosed and treated, all while marveling at the remarkable situations a country veterinarian can find himself in. Playful yet serious, honest yet tongue-in-cheek, this wonderfully written book is an up-close look at a well-lived rural life that is about as authentic as America gets. No one who cares a whit for the animal kingdom, and the humans who dare enter it, will be disappointed.

“You’d like this book even if you just had a pet butterfly,” says Buck Brannaman.

“A little bit Dr. Dolittle, and a lot of humorous fun, Madison’s book shares the best of what I look for in a vet,” says Monty Roberts.

344 pages | 20 b&w illustrations | Watch the book trailer:

A simple system for figuring out and fixing what’s wrong with a horse’s performance. In THE SPORT HORSE PROBLEM SOLVER, former international event rider Eric Smiley addresses the most common problems he has seen over the years in dressage, eventing, and show jumping Smiley teaches readers how to identify what isn’t working by looking at how things should work. Then he walks us through dismantling and reassembling the issues, providing an easy-to-follow five-point system for determining what’s potentially wrong with a horse and choosing sensible exercises for fixing it.

“Eric’s book will help solve the common problems that we all experience in a patient, calm, and humane way. It is so not about force with horses; force creates fear, not trust. We need empathy and a confident partnership in which your horse understands you are doing everything to help him. In my opinion, this is the only way. Eric’s book is all of this—and a good read,” says Pippa Funnell.

“Eric’s insight has had a lasting impact on my career and my horses’ development. Throughout this book, he continues to clearly explain the methods and strategies to support positive learning and experiences,” says Ariel Grald.

264 pages | 100 color photos, diagrams, and cartoons | Watch the book trailer:

Over 50 fun and easy-to-follow exercises using ground poles to improve the horse’s musculature and way of going. In POLE WORK FOR DRESSAGE HORSES Ann Katrin Querbach shares her positive and persuasive ideas for developing the horse’s body and movement in healthy and correct ways over poles. With progressive exercises at all three gaits, on the longe line and under saddle, she provides a basis for building a strong foundation, step by step. Or, just as easily, the reader can cherry-pick the exercises best suited to resolving a particular issue or improving a certain quality.

176 pages | 175 color photos and diagrams | Watch the book trailer:

A 5* dressage judge’s practical ways to learn to love your horse’s idiosyncrasies and turn weaknesses into strengths. In DRESSAGE FOR THE NOT-SO-PERFECT HORSE international dressage judge, clinician, and riding coach Janet Foy has compiled her best tips for training and showing the horse you have (or the horse you love, despite his “faults”) through the levels. Newly released in paperback.

192 page | 100 color photos | Watch the book trailer:

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