Most Diverse Photoshoot in the History of Horse Sports

Muirneen Equestrian hosts the most diverse equestrian photoshoot in the history of horse sports.

Muirneen Equestrian launched a blind model casting call where no photos were requested, and over 650 equestrians around the country responded.

Who was selected as a Muirneen model?

  • Over 650 applications were received (yes, every single application was reviewed!)
  • 60% of Muirneen models are BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color)
  • 50% of Muirneen models are curvy or plus-size
  • 20% of Muirneen models are mature
  • 5% of Muirneen models are para-athletes

“We had the best time together. I had no idea what most of the models looked like until the day of our photoshoot. It turned out amazing! I felt happy seeing so many models exchange phone numbers to stay in touch. We love building relationships in the equestrian community,” explained Shelly Watts, CEO of Muirneen Equestrian.

“Growing up riding, I was often the only brown girl. My first job out of college was with a well-known equestrian retailer, and I noted that businesses owned by people of color were basically nonexistent. I love that Muirneen is owned by a person of color. I truly admire the diversity and inclusivity that Muirneen showcases but especially love that the little brown girl in me is seeing other BIPOC women being represented in the equestrian community,” shares Krystle B., Muirneen model.

To see the photos, head to Muirneen Equestrian’s website:

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About Muirneen Equestrian
Muirneen is a woman, minority, and veteran-owned company that designs bold riding clothing with unmatched beauty, quality, and size inclusivity. The mission of Muirneen is to inspire diversity, body positivity, and kindness in horse sports. To learn more, visit

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