Muirneen Townhall on the Legacy of Cheryl White

Muirneen Townhall on the Legacy of Cheryl White: America’s First Female Black Jockey

Muirneen Equestrian, a steadfast advocate for diversity in horse sports, is excited to announce an upcoming virtual townhall event that delves into the remarkable yet overlooked legacy of Cheryl White, the first-ever female Black jockey in America. The townhall will be hosted by Sarah Maslin Nir, co-author of “The Jockey and her Horse,” and Abriana Johnson, founder of Black in the Saddle and the authenticity reader on the book.

Cheryl White, a pioneer in the world of equestrian sports, broke barriers and shattered expectations when she became the first female Black jockey in America. Her story is now being brought back to its rightful place in equestrian history with the support of the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame and Muirneen Equestrian.

Reflecting on the significance of Cheryl White’s story, Sarah Maslin Nir remarked, “Cheryl White was a pioneer who at age 17 became the first-ever female Black jockey in America. I am so thrilled to bring her erased story back into the world alongside my co-author, her brother Raymond. With the help of Abriana Johnson, the founder of Black in the Saddle, and Muirneen Equestrian, we are proud to continue amplifying diversity in equestrian sports to inspire a new generation.”

Furthermore, Muirneen Equestrian is proud to collaborate with the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in promoting a special event on September 2 in Saratoga, NY, which honors the life and contributions of Cheryl White while promoting “The Jockey and her Horse” book. The museum’s event aims to celebrate Cheryl White’s remarkable achievements and is a testament to the significance of Cheryl White’s lasting impact on the equestrian community.

Matt Reichel, representing the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame is ecstatic to help share the story of Cheryl White and to inspire diversity and inclusivity throughout the equestrian sport. We thank Muirneen Equestrian for the opportunity to amplify this story and to shine a light on a too-often overlooked part of our history.”

“It is a sobering fact that Cheryl White’s story was systematically erased from the history books due to the racial biases that black equestrians have faced in the sport. No event or townhall will make up for this fact, but our goal is to bring our community together to celebrate her legacy and give her the proper credit for how she paved a path for equestrians of color,” stated Shelly Watts, CEO of Muirneen Equestrian.

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