Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle Draws Crowds at Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

The last few years have been tough on in-person events and Mustang Magic is no exception. 2023 marked the return of the full Mustang Magic program which included two events – the Trainer’s Challenge and the ever-popular Celebrity Freestyle. Both events are held during the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo and competing trainers are hand-selected by Mustang Heritage Foundation for their abilities and previous MHF/EMM program experience.

Trainers invited to participate in the Celebrity Freestyle event have six minutes to showcase a choreographed freestyle act to the crowd. The performance must include at least one branded mustang, and, beyond that, the sky is the creative limit! This freedom of creation provides an incredible range of performances, and this year was no exception. On Friday, January 20th, Maddie Rose and Six White Horses started things off before eight of the brightest mustang trainers in the country brought their all to the near sold out Will Rogers Coliseum crowd.

First up, Katie Moore danced us into a southern night surrounded by fireflies. She and her mustang, Magic, dressed in lights which added to the scene as the routine showcased one of Katie’s true talents – working at liberty.

Second, Elisa Wallace and her mustang, Rune, showed us how versatile these amazing horses can truly be by diving into a variety of disciplines in just six short minutes…including a surprise zebu appearance!

Third out, famed trick rider Ginger Duke entered the arena in style by roman riding two of her mustangs dressed as ruby slippers – the perfect complement to her Dorothy. Joined in turn by her team, each representing a different Wizard of Oz character, the performance was anything but dull!

Next up, Marsha Sapp, her mustang, Cobra, and a second horse and rider pairing, gave an incredible, lighted performance to a dark house, portraying Top Gun fighter jets and highlighting her specialty and expertise in the sport of dressage.

Fifth to take to the arena was Mirka Crew, who performed an inspiringly beautiful, patriotic routine with two of her previous Extreme Mustang Makeover horses both riding and at liberty, truly demonstrating her skill as a horsewoman.

Sixth out, Mary Miller-Jordan, a liberty specialist, brought the crowd to tears as she told the story of a little girl wishing her toy horse to life in a dream while accompanied by a live cellist and her mustang, Magic.

Next, Craig Moore and his mustang, Delilah, lightened the mood by walking (well, riding) us through a tough day on the golf course complete with sneaky, moving bushes and incredible chip shots.

Last out, Bobby Kerr and his fleet of mustangs took to the arena in a routine highlighting a wide variety of disciplines including driving, reining, jumping, cutting, liberty and well-timed tricks that brought the crowd to their feet.

With so many awe-inspiring performances, it was an incredibly tough competition but, in the end, Bobby Kerr took home the Championship with Mary Miller-Jordan and Craig Moore in second and third, respectively. Congratulations to each of these phenomenal trainers and thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

You can catch the Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle replay on CowboyChannel+.

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