NCHA NRR CAT King Cole Super Stakes Presented By Beechfork Ranch

March 20 – April 14, 2024 | Fort Worth, Texas

Join the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) in Fort Worth, Texas, for the first event of the year in our Triple Crown events! The 2024 NRR Cat King Cole Super Stakes is presented by Beechfork Ranch located in Weatherford, Texas. For over 15 years, Beechfork Ranch has produced high-quality Quarter Horses that have excelled both in the show pen and on the ranch, and we could not be more excited for their continuation of sponsorship of the NCHA Super Stakes.

Event Details:

  • Date & Time: March 20 – April 14th, 2024, competition begins at 8 A.M. each day.
  • Location: Will Rogers Memorial Complex, Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Highlight: The Best of the West Tradeshow is open for everyone starting on Wednesday, March 27th! The NCHA dog race is open for you to enter your furry friends on March 30th at 2 P.M. and Horsemen for Christ will be hosting chapel and a free Easter lunch on March 31st.
  • Free Admission: The NCHA NRR Cat King Cole Super Stakes is free to the public, including finals days. Please note dogs are prohibited in the coliseum.

 Schedule: The full schedule, including each day’s working order, is on the NCHA website (

 Super Stakes History:

The early 1980s ushered in a boom time for the US economy, including the cutting horse industry. NCHA memberships, show entries, and purses had increased dramatically in the previous decade and, in 1980, NCHA leaders created a unique incentive for the offspring of subscribed stallions. In 1981, seventeen stallions subscribed to the first NCHA Super Stakes, including Doc’s Lynx, whose daughter, Stylish Lynx, won the inaugural event’s Open championship. Five years later, in 1986, five times as many stallions were enrolled, and by 2015, the total had reached 248. The Super Stakes was created to enhance the breeding industry and offer cutting horse owners a unique opportunity to promote their stallions, as well as to increase the market value of their progeny.

What is cutting?

The term cutting refers to the act of separating one cow from a herd of cattle. The sport of cutting involves a horse and a rider and a herd of cattle.

Cattle are herd animals.  One cow will instinctively try to return to the group.  Knowing that, a horse and rider team will quietly ride into the herd, select and “cut” off, or separate, one cow from the group (letting the unpicked cows return to the herd behind) and then prevent that cow from rejoining the herd – until they decide to let it go.  Keeping the cow separated requires incredible intelligence and physical ability on the part of the horse.  Once the cow is separated, riders are no longer allowed to use their reins.  Trained cutting horses are required to think on their own and anticipate and react to the cow’s moves.  The competition is judged based on many factors – difficulty and how well the horse anticipates and reacts. This is the only equine competition where the horse is required to think for itself.

More information on the history of the NCHA and cutting can be found on our website:


Super Stakes Derby: For four (4) year old (foals of 2020), all breeds. All horses must be enrolled in the NCHA Stallion and Foal Program.

Super Stakes Classic / Challenge: For five and six (5-6) year old (foals of 2019, 2018), all breeds. All horses must be enrolled in the NCHA Stallion and Foal Program.

All owners and riders of entered horses must be members in good standing of the National Cutting Horse Association.

Media, Marketing, and Sponsors:

The 2022 NCHA Photography and Videography Policy applies to this event. All professional photographers and media companies not on assignment from a specific media at NCHA Events are required to apply for a private media pass and provide the accompanying fee OR be a corporate partner of the NCHA. The NCHA Business Development department has the sole discretion to approve sponsor media credentials. Please note that approved sponsors are still required to apply; however, no fee is required. Official letters of assignment are required to be submitted prior to the event.

For media inquiries or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Carley Myers at

 Photos and Videos:

Photos and videos from the event can be purchased from the NCHA official videographer – Video West, and official photographer – Seth Petit Photography, at

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