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Author Barbara Ellin Fox is pleased to extend the 25% off paperbacks sale on Remember Not and  Where the Wild Ones Roam, books 1 and 2 in the For Love & Horses series to January 15, 2024. E-books remain free in Kindle Unlimited.

REMEMBER NOT, Book1 https://amzn.to/44ZYS4E

She believes her rehabilitated show jumper is the ticket to the top for financial stability for herself and her daughter, but someone is out to kill her horse.

 Jason Hughes has finally found the horse trainer he needs to take his breeding program to the next level, only he sees Rylie as more than a potential employee. Poor judgement on his part ruins his credibility with Rylie. He’ll do whatever it takes to gain her trust, including protecting Eskador, the horse that humiliated him.

 WHERE THE WILD ONES ROAM, Book 2 https://amzn.to/3SM6kgJ

 She can’t stop the government from scraping thousands of horses from the wild, but she can photo document one herd. Time is running out.

 Kristi’s five-year grant to photo document a wild herd expires soon. The last person she needs involved in her activities is an interfering rancher — even if he makes her heart race and claims he’s only a computer geek.

With conflict on the range raging, will she get the last photos she needs to complete her project before the horses are gone?


 What’s There to Love? Book 3 in the For Love & Horses series

 What will she give for the freedom to ride?

Ugliness lies beneath the surface on the horse farm where a wounded young woman struggles with self-esteem. Her close friends know, but any change must come from Lizzie.

Born and bred a strong Kentucky horsewoman, Lizzie has had enough. She sets out to prove her worth — to herself—from the bottom up.

What’s There to Love? The exciting Book 3 in the For Love & Horses series will be ready to burst from the starting gates during the first quarter of 2024.

Award-winning author, Barbara Ellin Fox, writes clean, contemporary romance for horse lovers. She weaves her extensive background with horses and their people into exciting stories about happily ever after for men, women, and horses. Barbara also owned a boutique horse and dog treats company for twenty years. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and horses, close to two daughters and granddaughters. Barbara enjoys the outdoors, particularly playing with Reno her wild horse.

The past director of the Fox School of Horsemanship, Barbara Fox is also a past Regional Supervisor for the United States Pony Clubs. Each month, thousands of readers visit her website TheRidingInstructor.net, where she shares ideas and encouragement for instructors. Her author website at BarbaraEllinFox.com gives a deeper look into the writing and horse lives.

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