Pony Club to Offer Professional Development Training with Jay McChord at the 2023 USPC Convention Sponsored by Stephens College

The United States Pony Clubs is offering a special opportunity to get energized and inspired for the year ahead through professional development sessions with guest speaker Jay McChord at the 2023 USPC Convention sponsored by Stephens College, to be held January 18–22, 2023, in St. Louis, Mo., at the St. Louis Marriott Grand.

On Friday, January 20, McChord will present two half-day professional development sessions, which will be eligible for continuing education credits. McChord is a highly sought-after authority on effective leadership, communication, and collaboration in today’s multi-generational work environment who works with the equine industry in numerous capacities.

“Education is the cornerstone of the USPC Convention, and we are pleased to offer this chance for Pony Club’s leaders and volunteers to enhance their skills and knowledge,” said USPC Executive Director Teresa Woods. “By investing in the people who make Pony Club run at all levels, we can create a better experience for all members and build a better, stronger organization.”

Convention attendees will benefit from the following sessions:

Relevant Leadership: Leveraging the Generations—Recruit, Retain, Manage, and Motivate Across All Generations

The most relevant leaders today understand there are two numbers that stand in the way of success—those numbers are eight (8) and five (5). Eight (8) is the 8 seconds that is the average attention span of someone today. Because people have such short attention spans, we all have smaller windows in which to communicate. Five (5) represents the five separate generations now working (and volunteering) side by side for the first time in history. The goal of this workshop is to help leaders understand the times we are in and know what to do in order to lead across multiple generations and build stronger relationships and organizations.

Relevant Leadership: Becoming 20% Better Personally, Professionally, and as an Organization

To be “better,” you need to know where you are (presently) and where you are aiming. In this workshop, McChord helps leaders “know the times” and “know what to do” in order to create and implement a plan to make themselves and Pony Club 20% better. Recognizing that substantial improvement can come from a few small areas is the key to making this happen. This session is about identifying and then seizing opportunities others are missing.

Equestrians of all ages and disciplines are invited to attend the 2023 USPC Convention sponsored by Stephens College. In addition to the professional development sessions, the event offers leadership training, 40-plus educational workshops and seminars, plus trade fair shopping, networking, and more. For event details and registration, visit www.ponyclub.org/Events/Convention.

About The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. (USPC or Pony Club) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization that builds the foundation of teamwork and sportsmanship through riding, mounted sports, care of horses and ponies, while developing and enhancing leadership, confidence, responsibility, and a sense of community in its youth and adult members. USPC is proud to offer instruction and competitive opportunities in 11 competitive disciplines through hundreds of clubs and centers across the United States. USPC’s educational standards continue to be instrumental in curriculum development for schools, universities, equestrian professionals, and organizations across the United States. Many of the nation’s top equestrians, including Olympic team members, as well as successful business professionals and leaders in a variety of fields, have roots in Pony Club. For more information, visit www.ponyclub.org.

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