Premier Equestrian’s New Geo Grid Mats Help Fix Muddy Paddocks and Soggy Pastures

No equestrian facility is immune to the negative effects of excessive water combined with poor drainage. To solve this problem, Premier Equestrian recently launched a product that can help: Premier Geo Grid Mats for drainage and mud control.

Without proper planning, mud and soggy ground can become an unpleasant fact in wash areas, dry lot turnouts, and around high-use areas like paths and gates. It can even erode driveways and parking lots. Not only is this damage unsightly, but it can also cause management headaches ranging from insect pests, to lost shoes, skin irritation and more. Resolving these problems requires making it easier for water to drain through to the substrate, while still providing stability and grip to minimize erosion and prevent further damage. Premier Geo Grid Mats are an economically priced solution.

“Geo Grid Mats help drain surfaces while providing stability,” says Heidi Zorn, president of Premier Equestrian. “In paddocks, Geo Grid Mats helps prevent digging horses from causing damage, and on a gravel driveway or parking lot, Geo Grid Mats prevent ruts and potholes. They also can improve poorly drained grass pastures.”

“We’ve had people install Geo Grid Mats across their entire pasture, while others just do high-use areas like gates and water troughs,” says Zorn. “In places like Florida, where the soil is sandy, it can be hard to get good grass growing. With Geo Grid Mats, horses have a challenging time digging the surface up, allowing grass to properly take root.”

Geo Grid Mats are made from a reinforced, high-density polyethylene; they are rugged, and can handle up to 25 tons per square foot when properly installed. And with interlocking tabs to snap the pieces together, installation is so easy you can do it yourself with a regular tractor—although for larger spaces, hiring a contractor may still be preferred.

The first installation step is to decide where you want your water to go. You can slope the surface and let the water run-off or install a French drain to carry the water to a convenient location. Either way, water always flows downhill. Now implement your plan, scrape the surface clear, and get a stable base. Next, install a drainage layer, this is where your water flows underneath the Geo Grid. Usually built of clean ¾” drain rock, you will want at least 1” or more if you have lots of water to drain. Lay the Geo Grid Mats down on the drainage layer. Fill the Geo Grid with pea stone, this is important for the weight and stability features of Geo Grid. Finish the area by topping it all off with the appropriate top layer. Gravel, Sod, Paddock sand, or round pen sand. When it comes to sand Zorn cautions that not all sands are created equal, and choosing the right sand for the job is critical to success.

“For paddock sand—whether it is a 12-foot by 12-foot paddock or stall, or a larger corral with a lean-to, any place where horses live—we try to use a bigger sand particle,” says Zorn. “Finer sand particles stick to food and are too easily ingested, putting the horse at risk for sand colic.”

Additionally, for barefoot horses it is important that the sand is not too angular, which can lead to excessive hoof wear and even sensitivity.

“In that case, you want to use a rounder particle like river sand—something with a smooth edge to it,” says Zorn. “But still a larger particle than in traditional sand.”

If choosing the correct sand is overwhelming, Premier Equestrian can help. They maintain an extensive sand library, and our experts are trained to assist clients in selecting the best sand for their situation. With a network of over 200 sand pits across the country, Premier Equestrian helps connect clients with a source of sand appropriate for their project. Contact Premier Equestrian for a free sand analysis to learn more.

If you are tired of muddy paddocks, soggy pastures, or rutted driveways, it’s time to contact the experts at Premier Equestrian. With a solution for every budget, they are here to help! Call 800-611-6109 to speak with their experts or schedule a free consultation.

Premier Equestrian is North America’s leading supplier of high-quality footing products, arena drags, OTTO Sport base mat systems, arena hydration products, and arena consultation. Premier Equestrian is a recognized expert in horse arena footing as it relates to equine biomechanics. This knowledge is used daily to help horse owners across North America improve arenas and footing for the safety and performance of their horses. Call 800-611-6109 or visit to learn more.

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