Should You Let Someone Else Ride Your Horse?

Julie Goodnight Talks Pros, Cons & What to Know Before You Do

When was the last time a different person⁠ rode your horse⁠—or are you the only one? Julie Goodnight shares her insights on the value of this experience for horses and riders, and what to consider before you decide, in the latest episode of her podcast, Ride On with Julie Goodnight.

“On a daily basis, I see how horses benefit from opportunities to get used to different riders,” says Goodnight. “It was also one of the most powerful lessons I learned early on in my horse training career.”

In addition to the benefits of different riders for the horse, Goodnight points out what riders gain from opportunities to work with a variety of horses.

“You truly do learn something from every horse,” says Goodnight. “If you have only ridden a few different horses, and/or been riding the same horse for many, many years, you may need to gain some confidence in riding horses you aren’t used to.”

However, Goodnight warns that there are also situations that may be unhelpful⁠—or even dangerous⁠—for the horse⁠ or the rider.

“Every horse is different, as is every rider and the situations in which they ride. There are many reasons you may not want others to ride your horse,” says Goodnight. “I can’t tell you one way or another if you should let other people ride your horse, but I can share what I have learned from training thousands of horses and riders so you can make an informed decision, and how to manage it if you do.”

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Goodnight is the popular host and producer of Horse Master, a successful how-to TV series on handling, riding, and training horses. Goodnight travels extensively sharing her no-nonsense horsemanship with riders of all disciplines. Goodnight is experienced with many kinds of riding—she grew up on the hunter-jumper circuits in Florida and is now at home in the West. She and her husband, Rich Moorhead, live in the mountains near Salida, Colorado, where they enjoy riding the trails and training cow-horses.

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