Singer / Songwriter / hippie chic /cowgirl Templeton Thompson Performs at Equestfest & CELEBRATES the HAPPY YEE~HAlidays with LOVE & GRATITUDE

Singer / Songwriter / hippie chic cowgirl Templeton Thompson performed at Tournament of Roses’ Equestfest on 12/29, SPONSORED by EQUUS Television.

“I had such a GREAT time out in California again this year performing at Equestfest & I couldn’t be MORE GRATEFUL to our EQUUS Television pards for SPONSORING my performance there,” Templeton says, “being around kindred spirit horse lovin’ souls makes my ‘hippie chic cowgirl’ HEART SOOOO DAAAANG HAPPY!! I got to spend time with our longtime pard Wayne Williams of Speaking of Horses TV, me & my husband & musical partner, Sam Gay & our BIG baby girl Jane have worked with Wayne at a lot of horse events over the years, he’s one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet & he’s been INCREDIBLY supportive of what we do since the first time we all met. Not only did I get to see old friends who are family, I met new family too, 2 & 4~legged, 4 & 2~legged, ALIKE!! AND I got a chance to give some LOVE & GRATITUDE to & to tell folks who attended the event ALL ABOUT our EQUUS Television & StableFeed FAMILIES!! It’ll be fun watching everyone in the parade on New Year’s Day, I can say, hay, I KNOW THEM!!”

AND speakin’ of her HORSE world FAMILY, Templeton & Sam are SOOOO VERY GRATEFUL to their StableFeed Product Sponsor/ Marketing Pardner FAMILY for ALL they do for their BIG precious beloved kids, their Jane & their Beau. “When we did our HAPPY YEE~HAlidays/ Merry Christmas in the Country for GOOD Livestream a few days before Christmas, they gave us a JOY~full HAPPY KIND & GENEROUS surprise…Use the code Templeton for 20% off of their CHIA products until Jan. 1. They’re matching it to HELP some precious, beloved HORSES a VILLAGE of BEAUTY~full SOULS worked SO hard to SAVE!!”

 “We’re SO GRATEFUL to be able to give a little to 4~leggeds all the way out Montana way THANKS to StableFeed & to 4~leggeds right here in our neck of the woods THANKS to ALL of the BEAUTY~full SOULS who tuned in during our Livestream & donated!!”

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“Here’s to DREAMin’ BIG, WORKin’ HARD & HAVEin’ FAITH like we ALWAYS do!! We’re wishin’ EVERYONE, 4 & 2~legged, 2 & 4~legged, ALIKE, a VERY VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY, BLESSED & ABUNDANT NEW YEAR & HOPIN’ that you’re ALL WARM & HOME & SAFE with your precious, beloved families.”

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