The First Complete Reference to Help Make the Changes Needed to Ensure Social License 

We all want to continue to ride and compete horses for years to come, but the question of social license has become more and more of a concern as equine industry failings in the realm of horse welfare are exposed.

In an effort to provide practical advice that can help prevent a loss of competitive horse sport by ensuring the well-being of our equine partners, Trafalgar Square Books ( announces the release of A HORSE BY NATURE by renowned wild horse ecologist and equine behaviorist Mary Ann Simonds. In this highly illustrated, beautifully designed book, Simonds provides a practical soup-to-nuts manual for understanding how horses think, feel, learn, communicate, and interact with each other and with humans. Integrating over 30 years of field research, identifying functional social behaviors in wild horses with her lifelong professional practice working with equestrians solving equine behavioral issues, Simonds helps readers gain a strong foundation into the emotional and cognitive lives of horses and explore various horse-human relationships. She provides numerous tools for assessing personalities, communicating with horses, and understanding how horses learn, with an emphasis on improving care and reducing stress in competitions and sports.

In three parts, each introduced by top researchers and scientists in the equestrian field, readers will:

– LEARN the natural history and social ecology of free-roaming wild horses.

– UNDERSTAND the instincts, learned behaviors, gender differences, social roles, and social bonds that are the driving factors in horse culture.

– DISCOVER how adaptable horses really are, and how that makes them an ideal species to share their social lives with humans.

– FOCUS on horse-human relationships applying the knowledge from Part One to reduce equine stress and improve communication in the management and training of all horses.

– EXPLORE how to better assess the horse’s personality and emotions, understand his learning style, and use various communication channels to establish trust, improve friendship, and enhance performance.

– ADDRESS the ethics of horse sports and ask the questions needed to ensure horse welfare in all the disciplines.

– CONSIDER dozens of changes related to horse management and competition recommended by respected industry professionals.

– BE EMPOWERED to be an influencer to improve the lives of horses, whatever the profession, breed, or sport.

Filled with hundreds of color-coded tips and beautiful photos, and backed by science, personal stories, and unique insights, readers have multiple ways to quickly find useful information and apply it to their own horse-human situations. Whether preparing for a horse show, working with young stock, riding on the trails, adopting a wild horse, running a rescue, or just hoping to improve your communication and relationships with all horses, this book is a catalyst for much-needed change in the equine industry.

424 pages | 331 color photographs | Available Now

What they are saying about A HORSE BY NATURE:

“Should be required reading for anyone involved with horses.” —Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, veterinarian, author of Tug of War: Classical vs. “Modern” Dressage

“Allows readers to get deep inside the psyche of horses, to formulate a plan to better meet their needs, and to train them with logic and empathy, using methods that make sense and that get results.” —Julie Goodnight, Trainer and Horsemanship Clinician

“Bridges the gap we have been missing in the horse industry.” —Danielle Torano, Show Jumper and Hunter/Equitation Trainer

“Anyone and everyone who cares about animals should read this book—especially young riders, so they start off right.” –Joe Fargis, Horseman, Educator, Olympian

“Ideas of how we can all move together for the good of the horse.” —Duncan Peters, DVM, DACVSMR

“This is a great book.” —Jim Masterson, Founder of the Masterson Method® and author of Beyond Horse Massage

“One of the most educational books that I have read in a long time…. an outstanding job in outlining how to be respectful and effective in participating in a horse-human conversation.” —Kevin Haussler, DVM, DC, PhD, Dipl. ACVSMR

“An informative, yet delightfully easy read…. Read, absorb, and smile as you expand your awareness.”  —Allen Schoen, DVM. MS., PhD. (hon.), co-author, The Compassionate Equestrian

“This book is nothing less than the key to a truly better world for horse and man, opening eyes and the heart.”  —Dr. Dorothe Meyer, Veterinarian Specializing in Equine Performance Physiology and Nutrition

“I applaud Mary Ann’s work, research and efforts in writing this book… she has helped bring a lot of necessary conversations to the fore and given us all the proper context to engage is such dialogue.“ —Tom O’Mara, horse show parent

“May well be our Rosetta stone.” —Mary Knowlton, President of the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA)  

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