The Foundation for the Horse Announces 2023 Recipients of $75,000 Coyote Rock Ranch Scholarships

Four future horse doctors currently in their fourth year of outstanding veterinary school performance are the 2023 recipients of $75,000 Coyote Rock Ranch Veterinary Scholarships. The Foundation for the Horse will present their awards Nov. 30 during the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) 69th Annual Convention in San Diego, Calif.

Penelope Knight created the Coyote Rock Ranch Veterinary Scholarship in 2015. Since the award of the first scholarships in 2016, 28 AAEP student members have shared in cumulative proceeds of $2,175,000.

The scholarship recipients, selected from 47 distinguished applicants, are:

Anne Brien, Kansas State University

Brien has actively engaged with the equine veterinary community throughout her academic journey. As vice president of the Kansas State University Student Chapter for the AAEP (SCAAEP), she managed the social media, organized events, and fostered learning opportunities. Anne also forged connections with equine professionals nationwide and gained practical experience at the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event. Brien aspires to become an equine-focused practitioner, working towards expanding mixed animal hospitals’ equine capabilities, and actively contributing to the veterinary profession through AAEP and AVMA involvement. Additionally, she plans to be a role model for Native American students in animal health and promote animal welfare within Native American communities by addressing disparities in veterinary representation and underserved communities’ access to equine care.

Megan Elcombe, University of California, Davis

Elcombe’s post-graduation plans include joining a racetrack practice, specifically focusing on Thoroughbreds and equine sports medicine, while upholding ethical standards and advocating for horse welfare. She is committed to addressing the sustainability of equine practice and, in the next five years, aims to leverage her foundation in equine and racetrack medicine to promote positive development in the field. Her passion for equine sports medicine was solidified during her master’s project and a subsequent internship in Kentucky, focusing on lameness and integrative medicine.

Bailey Fritz, Kansas State University

Fritz’s veterinary journey began with active involvement in SCAAEP, where she expanded lab topics and organized an equine mentorship group as president. After receiving her veterinary degree, Fritz plans to complete an equine surgical residency and pursue a dual clinical and research position in academia, focusing on equine pain and soft tissue injuries. Her doctoral work in physiology will facilitate impactful research during her residency. After an equine internship, Bailey seeks to establish strong connections and collaborate on meaningful equine research. She also hopes to mentor aspiring equine veterinarians and make a lasting impact on the field.

Margaret (Meg) Lemons, University of Georgia

Lemons’ ambition is to become a board-certified large animal specialist and clinician-scientist, addressing ethical challenges and seeking a balanced approach in equine veterinary medicine. With a background in science and a deep commitment to equine athletes’ well-being, she intends to bridge the gap between clinicians and scientists through future PhD training. Ultimately, Meg envisions returning to a veterinary institution to merge mentorship, teaching, clinical practice, and research as an integrated part of her career.

“At Coyote Rock Ranch, quality equine veterinarian medicine lies at the heart of our program. In helping future veterinarians achieve success, we elevate the entire equine industry and ultimately the welfare of the horse,” said Mrs. Knight. “With my overall aim of supporting education, research and advancements in care for the horse, I am pleased to offer these scholarship opportunities to our next generation of equine veterinarians.”

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