The Freelance Remuda Podcast Episode 48: Making Connections to Craft a Career Brings Chelsea Edsall’s, Lizzie Iwersen’s Stories to Listeners

It’s all about connections in the Western industry, and the latest episode of The Freelance Remuda Podcast brings to light how connections crafted the careers of Chelsea Edsall, of “Cheers It’s Chelsea,” and Lizzie Iwerson. Episode 48: Making Connections to Craft a Career launched on Tuesday, October 10, with hosts Abigail Boatwright and Kate Bradley Byars leading the conversations in two guest segments.

The Freelance Remuda Podcast is produced for freelance professionals who are navigating the equine media frontier. The hosts kick off the episode with a discussion announcing “The Freelancer’s Guide to Content Creation” a first-ever freelancer’s workshop retreat that they are co-hosting with Western photographer Chris Dickinson and fellow Western freelance writer and photographer Jennifer Denison this March 21-24 in Fredericksburg, Texas. They then highlighted their favorite Freelance Remuda guest blog posts—all linked in the show notes as well as available in the Archive at

In segment two, Lizzie Iwersen discusses her years at RFD-TV and Western Horseman magazine, first in marketing and helming the magazine’s event and trade show presence, before starting her own writing career. Today, she creates multimedia for the Western industry, including working with Teton Ridge on web content and helping promote and produce several ropings, like the Clay Logan Roping.

“I met Steve Friskup, a client at WH, who is a popular auctioneer, and he’s been a great friend and mentor to me,” Iwersen says of her connections in the horse sale industry. “What he does is what I want to do and he has guided me to help people sell their good horses… it’s all about who you know and the connections you have!”

While the award-winning equine media-focused podcast is often recorded over Zoom, hosts visited Edsall for an in-person episode, allowing for hilarity to marry with the education and entertainment in the episode. In segment three, Edsall discusses how her own humor kick-started her career, which includes a social media presence, hosting events like the Cowgirl Essence Gathering, and working with The American Performance Horseman.

“My advice is to find what your passions are and things that are genuinely in your heart, and go from there,” Edsall says in the episode. “Hopefully, it will create a job opportunity for you. But start where you’re passionate.”

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