The Montana Center for Horsemanship Announces Two Lifetime Achievement Awards and the Equine Icon Award 2023

The Montana Center for Horsemanship will present the annual Lifetime Achievement Award to two renowned horsemen at this September’s Trail Forward in Horsemanship Education Conference & Film Festival in Dillon, Montana, September 7-9.

Joe Wolter and Bryan Neubert, well known natural horsemanship clinicians and trainers who worked alongside Ray Hunt and have helped to advance our understanding of natural horsemanship, will be co-recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award, given annually at the Montana Center’s international equine education conference.

The recipient of the Equine Icon Award will go to Smoke Elser, a renowned mule trainer and wilderness outfitter.  The recipients  will be recognized during the Awards Dinner, Saturday, September 9th hosted and sponsored by the University of Montana Western.  UM Western is a co-sponsor of the annual event.  The three-day conference and film festival is open to the public, all ages welcome, by advance registration through

Joe Wolter and Bryan Neubert will also be joined by Martin Black, Nick Dowers and Dr. Steve Peters, working with young colts and students, getting young green horses started from the ground to the saddle.  Dr. Peters will conduct a horse brain dissection, to show how each part of the horse’s brain determines its fight or flight, learning, thinking, and acting strategies and actions.

The role and importance of the horse, its origins and impact with indigenous cultures will be the focus of the keynote, presented by Dr. Yvette Running Horse Collin, a member of the Lakota tribe.  Award-winning horse films from around the world will also be screened throughout the three day event.

For more information about sponsoring, attending and registration, please contact Janet Rose at 406.925.3270.

The mission of the Montana Center for Horsemanship

To help every horse and person make the most of their respective lives

To enable horses to learn effectively and experience “horse happiness” through the process of Natural Horsemanship

To help individuals achieve personal and professional success in the equine fields

Contact:  Janet Rose:  406.925.3270