The Year in Horse Books: What We Published in 2022

Each year, as we leave December in the rear-view and welcome January with a whole-hearted cheers, we at Trafalgar Square Books ( like to look back and consider the books and videos we published over the past year. Often, the space between Januarys feels like decades, so it can give us a mighty big lift to revisit each project and what it has brought to the vast equestrian table, as well as reminding us of all the potential still out there, waiting to help make the world a better place for horses and those who ride, train, and care for them.

Watch this short video for a snapshot of our year in horse books—what we published in 2022:

“2022 was another busy year at Trafalgar Square Books,” says TSB Managing Director Martha Cook. “We added twenty books and two audiobooks to our list of titles. We welcomed new books from previously published authors Denny Emerson, Mark Rashid, Sharon Wilsie, Emma Ford, and Cat Hill. We introduced twelve new authors with expertise on topics such as working equitation, rider fitness, horse shoeing, and riding and jumping arena tracks and grids. We updated three of our perennial bestsellers. We expanded our offerings for children with a much-needed book on horsemanship for kids entitled The Kid’s Guide to Horsemanship and Grooming and our first middle-grade novel Liberty Biscuit. We have many new titles in store for 2023 in print, eBook, and audiobook. We thank our loyal readers and look forward to introducing new authors and ideas in the New Year.”

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