Two Concussions from My Horse in One Summer – WHY?

I was raised riding Dressage from the age of 6 and thought I knew everything about horses by the time I was an adult.  But after 2 concussions in one summer, I realized my new horse didn’t like me at all as I watched her trot off down the street to visit the neighboring horses. I longed for an “authentic deep connection” with my horse, the kind of relationship I dreamed of as a child, but instead my heart was broken in the realization I had zero relationship with my horse. While on my knees on the asphalt swirling from the fall, I recognized in that moment that I needed to change, not my horse!

During my recovery, I began the pursuit of understanding how horses communicate with one another and how as a human I could connect in a relationship beyond my humanity.  I sought out behavior science experts, poured over books and articles, watched video after video of all sorts of trainers from traditional crank and spank em types to natural horsemanship and everyone in between. I had to retrain myself in equine behavior, and herd communication which led me down a deeper path into holistic horse keeping and prey animal psychology.  As I began applying herd language to my mare in a gentle compassionate way, I was stunned by the transformation she made right before my eyes. The mare who was indifferent towards me, could care less if I fell off and probably was hoping I would, now looked at me in recognition as her herd leader burying her head in my chest sighing in relief as if to say, “I’ve been waiting for you to wake up”.

My dream of a deeply connected relationship with my horse took shape as I developed methods and techniques that have now become my Training the WHOLE Horse® program. Based on the foundation of DO NO HARM, my Training the WHOLE Horse® techniques are all about creating a SAFER Horse and SAFER Ride while developing Deeper TRUST and AUTHENTIC Communication between you and your horse all WITHOUT using FEAR, FOOD, FORCE or DEVICES!! The Horse I had ALWAYS Dreamed of was in my own backyard the whole time!!

My mare became the safest and loving friend I always wanted while we ran the trails in an English saddle, BITLESS and barefoot with Boots on her hooves (no shoes).  But as she aged over the years, I knew she couldn’t run the hills anymore and needed a new job. A lovely woman bought her for her 11 y/o daughter who bonded with my mare in a heartbeat, and I said goodbye as my mare was loaded up and driven away.

It had been over 5 years since I had said goodbye to my old mare, but she had been on my mind and in conversations over the years wondering how she was. A woman came to one of my clinics and signed up for a 1-day Intensive at her barn for her horse, and mentioned the name of a woman who gave lessons with horses for kids in her area. The name of the woman was the same woman who had bought my old mare, and as we talked my student recognized that my old mare was still with the woman.

I traveled to my student’s barn to perform the 1-day Intensive and after lunch my student had arranged for us to visit my old mare who lived a few blocks away. We arrived and ventured out behind the barn and found the old girl dosing under the tree while it rained. The mare’s owner called out a name the mare had known for the last 5 years which she casually turned her head to glance at us and turned back to dozing.  I then called her by the name she knew when she lived with me, “Rusty” I said, “Rusty” again.  The old mare turned and looked again and slowly moved towards us and then quickened her pace and softly nickered with a deep voice resonating through her nostrils in recognition. She came right up to me as I bent down to breath in her smell and we exchanged breathe between the fence. A deep abiding closeness fell between us as a lump swelled in my throat in the realization of how much I had missed her.  She softly nickered once again, turned away and walked back to her tree as if to say, “I’m happy here”.

It was a moment I will have with me forever. For this horse led me to the profound and abiding path of Holistic Horse Training that continues to dominate my way of thinking and working with problem and dangerous horses reuniting them with their humans.

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Missy Wryn is a Holistic Horse trainer working with the WHOLE horse.  Specializing in problem and dangerous horses, Missy has developed Training the WHOLE Horse® techniques are all about creating a SAFER Horse and SAFER Ride while developing Deeper TRUST and AUTHENTIC Communication between you and your horse all WITHOUT using FEAR, FORCE, FOOD or DEVICES!! Visit for information about Missy, her Training the WHOLE Horse® program. Call 888-406-7689 to schedule Missy for your event or clinic in your area, or email